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Elma’s modular approach allows fast, cost-effective, and proven performance from customized designs to standard platforms.
The base products are centered around 19” and 23” Eurocard specifications, ATR, as well as small form factor and custom designs.
Elma’s system platforms, backplanes, storage, and related embedded products employ creative design innovations based upon VME/VME64x, CompactPCI/2.16, OpenVPX/VPX, VXS, AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and other architectures.

Country Switzerland
HW development
HW commercialisation
HDL development
SW development


  • MTCA.4 timing module

    The project is an MCH tongue 2 board, which is responsible for clock generation. In addition to MTCA.4 compatible clock distribution, it is equipped with timing receiver compatible with WhiteRabbit protocol. Recovered clock can be used as a source of the clock for individual slots. All event and timing information are accessible via Ethernet protocol or PCIe link to the switch on tongue 3....