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We offer first-hand experience as Free Software developers, bringing companies to full speed by exploiting GNU/Linux in real-life environments.

Offering everyone freedom of choice
Free Software means freedom to change and port to different environments. Thus, we don't bind anyone to a specific hardware platform or software environment; you can build on what we give you, to better serve your business needs. By delivering all the information associated to our software or services, we enpower our partners without making them dependent on us.

Respecting and leveraging copyright and droit d'auteur
Our long-standing experience with the best Free Software packages enables us to pick the most suitable technologies and include or adapt them to the problems we face. Thus, the copyright holders of our packages are the developers themselves - this way, the positive feedback associated to code sharing is fostered. In order to best serve our clients' privacy concerns and to obey their copyright terms, we won't get directly involved in proprietary code and we'll focus on the Free Software system components.

Delivering top-quality solutions
Our software packages and our working documents guarantee high quality because we build them on the basis of state-of-the-art information and resources, and design them to withstand public review.

Country Italy
HW development
HW commercialisation
HDL development
SW development


  • FMC ADC 100M 14b 4cha - Software

    Software to support the fmc-adc-100m14b4cha mezzanine, including Linux device driver, library and test program.

  • FMC Bus

    The FMC bus abstraction implements a Linux kernel bus named fmc. This allows to deal with FMC mezzanines in a carrier-independent way

  • FMC DEL 1ns 4cha - Software

    Host-side software support for the fine delay FMC on the SPEC and SVEC FMC carriers.

    More details in the project wiki

  • FMC PCIe Carrier (PFC) - Software

    Linux device driver and associated utilities for PCIe FMC carriers.
    Aka GnuRabbit.

  • FPGA Configuration Space

    This project defines data structures, to be embedded in the FPGA memory address space, to enumerate the devices that have been synthetized in the current design. The same structure is also used as a simple flash file system. AKA Self-Describing Bus (SDB) Specification for Logic Cores. The layout is simple enough to be parsed both by the host and by the internal soft-core, if any. ...

  • GTS (Guesses Timing Somehow)

    GTS is a tool which takes a binary for a given microprocessor (initially an LM32) and gives information about worst-case execution time.

  • PPSi

    A Precise Time Protocol (PTP, IEEE 1588) software stack whose single source code can be compiled for many architectures (POSIX systems, WR switch, WR node, ...) and which is easily extensible.

  • PTP noposix stack

    This is a port of an older Linux ptpd to support White Rabbit extensions and run both in hosted and freestanding environment. In the future we plan to replace it with PPSI, which has a much better design, but ptp-noposix is currently working pretty well despite being difficult to maintain....

  • Simple PCIe FMC carrier (SPEC)

    A simple 4-lane PCIe carrier for a low pin count FPGA Mezzanine Card (VITA 57). It supports the White Rabbit timing and control network. Commercially available. Linux and Labview drivers available for some mezzanine cards.
    More info at the Wiki page...

  • Simple PCIe FMC carrier (SPEC) - Software

    Software support for the SPEC board, including kernel and user-space Linux code.
    The package also include the fmc-bus driver, which is expected to be used by other carriers as well.

  • Simple VME FMC Carrier (SVEC) - Software

    Software support for the SVEC board, including kernel and user-space Linux code.

  • Software for White Rabbit PTP Core

    White Rabbit PTP Core software for LatticeMico32. It consists of a software wrapper for running a PTP daemon without an operating system and device drivers for WRPC HDL internals.

  • White Rabbit

    White Rabbit is a fully deterministic Ethernet-based network for general purpose data transfer and synchronization. It can synchronize over 1000 nodes with sub-ns accuracy over fiber lengths of up to 10 km. Commercially available.
    More info at the Wiki page...

  • White Rabbit Network Interface Card

    A White Rabbit compliant Network Interface Card (NIC) based on the SPEC and the DIO FMC. This project hosts the HDL and associated software to configure the SPEC so it behaves as a NIC under the Linux OS....

  • White Rabbit Standardization

    This project covers all efforts geared to standardize White Rabbit, with a view to providing a stable specification which everyone can use to build compliant products.

  • White Rabbit Switch - Software

    Development of software for the White Rabbit switch, and in particular the embedded Linux system running in the ARM9 processor.
    More info at the Wiki page

  • White Rabbit Switch - Testing

    A project to host all software and hardware developments related to testing the White Rabbit switch.

  • ZIO

    A software framework for Linux device drivers aimed at supporting controls and data acquisition hardware.
    ZIO supports sub-nanosecond timestamps, block-oriented input and output and transport of meta-data with the data samples. Users can change the buffer type and trigger type associated with a device at run time, and...