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The Warsaw PERG Group is actively cooperating with many international institutions in the field of measurement and control systems for High Energy Physics and industry.
The group is involved in several projects: CMS Muon Trigger(CERN), WEST (CEA, Cadarache), CBM (GSI,FAIR), JET, MAST, Sirius(LNLS) and many others.
Recent activity is concentrated on MTCA.4, White Rabbit and custom systems for accelerators, plasma physics and space applications.

PERG organizes annually the international SPIE symposium

Country Poland
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  • FMC DIO 32ch lvds a

    FMC DIO 32CH LVDS is a universal 32-channel bi-directional LVDS card. It uses a VHDCI connector compatible with standard SCSI cables. There is also micro-HDMI connector on the front panel with I2C and some LVDS signals so that standard HDMI cables can be used. Each channel may be optionally AC-coupled (0R resistors need to be removed) and is ESD-protected. All channels are terminated to 1.65V by two 50 Ohm resistors. The direction of each channel is programmed via a serial interface....