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Intuitive, easy to use web applications


In Splendeo we follow a very simple set of directives while developing our products:

Web applications

Compared with traditional desktop applications, web applications are:

  • More accessible: they are available from every computer, mobile phone or pda through Internet.
  • Cheaper and easier to maintain: you don’t have any servers or network to maintain.
  • More reliable: your data is safer on a dedicated server.

Intuitive applications

We are experts in making easily and quickly understandable applications.

  • Start working right away
  • One (and only one) button for each task.
  • Our buttons are always easily identifiable.

Necessary applications

We know how to fulfill our client’s expectations. For each new project:

  • We find any already-made solution that fits with the requirements.
  • Or we develop a new solution.
  • If the time or money constraints are not possible to satisfy, we say so.
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