Bug #417

l2p_rdy_i deasserted

Added by Matthieu Cattin on 06 Feb 2012 at 19:29.

Status:New Start date:06/02/2012
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:Matthieu Cattin % Done:


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Feedback from Andrey Abramov:

While testing I found out that if l2p_rdy_i deasserted ( please see l2p_dma_master.vhd ) the core hung the PC. It happend with 64-bit addresses.
The problem was that data counter (l2p_data_cnt) and ldm_arb_valid_o worked incorrectly when l2p_rdy_i deasserted.
I've corrected the problem so it doesn't occur any longer on my PC. I have not done an extensive testing though.
You can take a look at the enclosed modifided l2p_dma_master.vhd to see the changes made.

l2p_dma_master.vhd - modified l2p_dma_master (24.3 kB) Matthieu Cattin, 06/02/2012 19:29


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