Yet Another Micro-controller: YAM first release at OHR

Added by Christian Herve on 23 May 2017 at 08:41

YAM release V1.4 is now available from CERN OHR.

The core has been already used in a number of designs at ESRF .

However there is still some pending work.
  • The co-processors have not been fully tested yet.
  • The yamasm assembler doesn't yet support the 3-operand implementation.

White Rabbit: 26-04-2017: WR Job vacancy at OPNT - NL

Added by Erik van der Bij on 26 Apr 2017 at 12:11

OPNT in The Netherlands has opened a vacancy for a job that is very much White Rabbit related:
R&D Manager with profile: Time&Frequency, Network synchronization, PTP White Rabbit

White Rabbit: 18-04-17: clean that fibre and SFP!

Added by Erik van der Bij on 18 Apr 2017 at 17:49

The White Rabbit team at CERN organised a short course about fibre-optic cleaning and inspection.

A special fibre inspection microscope that automatically analyses the image to decide if a cable or SFP passes or fails the norms was demonstrated.
The images of some of the often-used cables and SFP modules that we picked from the development lab, showed clearly traces of grease and dust.

The course showed undoubtedly that fibres should always be inspected and that in almost all cases they should be cleaned before plugging in.
One should not forget to inspect and clean the SFP side either!

The slides of this Fibre Cleaning and Inspection course are available via the OHWR Electronics Design project.

Thanks to Amin Shoaie from CERN's EN-EL group for making this course available.
Note that this course and the practical exercises will be repeated at CERN in the last week of April. Please contact us if you are interested.

Click on image to see the course (pdf, 711kB)

White Rabbit: Tutorial at ICALEPCS conference in October

Added by Erik van der Bij on 30 Mar 2017 at 13:59

The ICALEPCS organizing committee will organize a pre-conference workshop on WR in Barcelona in October.

We intend to make this more of a "WR tutorial." and we think there will be something to learn and discuss for everybody: newcomers, casual users and even experts.

Online registration will open on April 17. Registration for the workshop is independent of registration to the conference. If you register, it will be a great pleasure to see you there. Also, please send me comments on the program if you have any. We still have a bit of freedom to change it if need be.

And of course, please forward this to any other people you think could be interested!


CERN BE-CO-HT contribution to KiCad: Support of free software in public institutions:

Added by Erik van der Bij on 16 Mar 2017 at 16:42

At the Octave conference in Geneva the presentation Support of free software in public institutions: the KiCad case will be given by Javier Serrano and Tomasz Wlostowski from CERN.

KiCad is a tool to help electronics designers develop Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). CERN's BE-CO-HT section has been contributing to its development since 2011. These efforts are framed in the context of CERN's activities regarding Open Source Hardware (OSHW), and are meant to provide an environment where design files for electronics can be shared in an efficient way, without the hurdles imposed by the use of proprietary formats.

The talk will start by providing some context about OSHW and the importance of using Free Software tools for sharing design files. We will then move on to a short KiCad tutorial, and finish with some considerations about the role public institutions can play in developing and fostering the use of Free Software, and whether some of the KiCad experience can apply in other contexts.

Access to the presentation: Support of free software in public institutions: the KiCad case

White Rabbit core collection: White Rabbit PTP Core v4.0 released

Added by Grzegorz Daniluk on 15 Mar 2017 at 10:33

We have just released v4.0 of the WR PTP Core. You can find all the links to download the reference designs binaries and user manual on our release wiki page

The main features and fixes you will find in this release include:
  • Re-written, debugged and simplified Mini-NIC
  • Improved synthesis time with RAM initialization
  • New platform and board HDL support packages
  • SNMP and Syslog for remote diagnostics
  • VLAN support
  • fixed 64-bit printouts for long WR links
  • option to use P2P PTP mode
  • bugfixes and documentation expanded to describe also the HDL ports and generics

Thank you for all the bug reports and contributions. As always, we encourage you to try this fresh release on your boards.

Greg Daniluk for the WR PTP Core team

White Rabbit: 23-02-2017: WR Job vacancy at CERN

Added by Erik van der Bij on 23 Feb 2017 at 13:21

CERN has opened a vacancy for a job that is very much White Rabbit related:
Electronics and networking engineer

Furthermore another, more general HDL developer job is opened:
HDL Developer

GBT-based Expandable Front-End (GEFE): The GEFE project @ RADECS16 (from 19/09/16 to 23/09/16)

Added by Manoel Barros Marin on 15 Feb 2017 at 14:26

A poster of the GEFE project has been displayed during the RADiation Effects on Components & Systems (RADECS) 2016 conference, held at Bremen from 19/09/16 to 23/09/16.

The poster can be downloaded from the "DOCUMENTS" section of this site.

GBT-based Expandable Front-End (GEFE): Radiation test results of GEFE @ RadWG meeting (07/07/16)

Added by Manoel Barros Marin on 15 Feb 2017 at 14:13

The results of the radiation test performed to the GEFE v2 at the CHARM facility at CERN have been presented during the Radiation Working Group (RadWG) meeting on the 07/07/16 at CERN

The slides of the presentation can be downloaded from the "DOCUMENTS" section of this site.

White Rabbit Switch - Software: WR Switch firmware v5.0 released

Added by Grzegorz Daniluk on 16 Dec 2016 at 12:02

The new stable release v5.0 of the WR Switch firmware comes this year as a Christmas present. As always, you can find all the links to download the firmware binaries and manuals on our release wiki page

Main features and fixes include:

  • Updated Buildroot 2016.02
  • Updated Linux kernel 3.16.38
  • Fixes to the SNMP support preventing it from crashing or not updating objects
  • Changing WR interfaces enumeration in Linux (wri1..18 instead of wr0..17) to match the ports enumeration on the front panel
  • 64-bit Tx/Rx frame counters
  • Verification of firmware checksum before updating
  • VLANs configuration in the central dot-config file
  • make menuconfig on the switch to facilitate modification of a local dot-config file
  • New timing role none to disable PTP on selected ports
  • More verbose Syslog messages in case of errors
  • new wr_mon tool - with improvements for reporting VLANs and synchronization peer
  • User-defined boot script execution for all exotic setups currently not possible with standard configuration mechanisms
  • Tools for reading and writing SFP EEPROMs
  • Advanced RTU configurations in dot-config
  • Re-written, more efficient multiport linked list in the switching core
  • Added bandwidth throttling HDL module to prevent CPU from being flooded with traffic from WR ports
  • Additional frames counter for traffic originated from Linux to WR ports
  • Improved RTU forwarding decisions to save resources and not forward Ethernet frames to ports that are down
  • White Rabbit Switch: Failures and Diagnostics - document that lists various errors that the switch may report and tries to propose possible problems that caused the Error and actions that should be taken.
You can find a list of the main features and bugfixes in the wiki pages for two subprojects: For the full list of solved issues please check:

We also advise you to read the two FAQ items [1] [2] describing minor issues you might experience when upgrading to v5.0.

Thank you for all the bug reports and contributions. As always, we encourage you to try this fresh release on your switches.

Greg Daniluk, Adam Wujek

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