SaFariPark now open for public

The first beta of SaFariPark has been released. SaFariPark is a tool reading and writing of SFP/SFP+ EEPROM using MultiSFP. MultiSFP is an open hardware USB device for testing SFP/SFP+ modules.
Added by Vincent van Beveren on 29 May 2017 at 15:07

SaFariPark is not a site to book holidays on the African plains - though with additional personal funding I am willing to add that feature. It is a software tool to read and write the digital interface of SFP/SFP+ transceiver modules. Together with a device to plug in multiple (4) SFP/SFP+ modules, creatively called MultiSFP (see Figure 1), it is a versatile tool for all your SFP needs. MultiSFP and SaFariPark have been developed by Nikhef as part of the ASTERICS program, and all is open hardware/open source.

Figure 1 - MultiSFP front panel

MultiSFP supports a 10 Gigabit capable connection to the electrical interface of each SFP. Via one USB port each SFP I2C bus can be exercised using SaFariPark. The software main window (Figure 2) exposes most functionality, which are:
  • Editing of individual fields in the SFP module
  • Fixing corrupted SFP EEPROM data, recalculating checksums
  • Showing and saving SFP+ sensor data such as TX/RX power and temperature.
  • Selectively copying content of one SFP module to multiple other modules
  • Laser tuning of optical SFP+ modules

Figure 2 - Main window of SaFariPark

Apart from this SaFariPark allows you to dump the entire EEPROM content, and extend the SFP+ EEPROM data dictionary with custom fields using XML. This enables users to add fields for custom or exotic SFP+ modules. As the software is written Java, it has been verified to work on Linux and Windows. Mac has not been tested yet.

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