29-06-2017: Open Doors for Universal Embedded Design

Article on PC/104 and ohwr.org.
Added by Erik van der Bij on 03 Jul 2017 at 14:14

The article Open Doors for Universal Embedded Design in Embedded Systems Engineering, written by Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor, reads:

Charged with finding cost-effective integration for multicore platforms, the European Union’s (EU) Artemis EMC2 project finished at the end of May this year. A further initiative with CERN could mean the spirit of co-operation and the principles of open hardware herald an era of innovation.


This collaboration is a new initiative. The PC/104 Consortium will provide design-in examples of new and mature boards, with a reference design, for others to use and create something new. Although the Sundance board is the only [PC/104] product on the CERN Open Hardware Repository, there will be more news in the summer, promises Christensen. “My goal is to get five designs within the first year,” he says, and he is actively working to promote to PC/104 Consortium members that there is a place where they can download—and upload—reference designs which are PC/104-compatible.

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