Project description

The FmcAdc100M14b4cha is a 4 channel 100MSPS 14 bit ADC card in FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) format. By default it uses only signals from the LPC rows of the HPC connector that is mounted. The gain can be set by software in three steps: +/-50mV, +/-0.5V, +/-5V. An advanced offset circuit is used in the front-end design of the ADC board, and allows a voltage shift in the range of +/- 5V that is independent on the chosen gain range.

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Parameter Value
max. sample rate 105 MSPS (default 100MSPS)
analog bandwidth 30 MHz. DC-coupled (40 MHz possible by changing eight capacitors)
bits/sample 14 bit
ENOB 11, 11.5, 11.7 bit (@ +/-50mV, +/-0.5V, +/-5V range)
channels 4
connectors 4 x LEMO 00 for signals, 1 x LEMO 00 for trigger
input impedance 1 kOhm / 50 Ohm - software selectable
gain steps +/-50 mV
+/-0.5 V
+/-5 V
offset correction range +/- 5 V for every input voltage range
max. gain error +/- 1 %
SNR 67.7 dB, 70.8 dB, 72.2 dB (@ +/-50mV, +/-0.5V, +/-5V range)
FMC to carrier interface FMC high pin count connector (HPC only used if external clock is selected)
Clock source Internal: from programmable on-board oscillator.
External: from dedicated FMC connector pins (HPC) when changing two capacitors.


Project Information


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Date Event
01-10-2009 Start working on project
25-10-2009 Functional specification written.
22-01-2010 FmcAdc100M14b4cha upgrade. Design revised and modified, better parameters expected.
10-02-2010 New design made with 3 input ranges and programmable offset.
04-03-2010 Improvements made, responding to design review. V1ReviewImprov
24-03-2010 Design review of PCB layout done. V1LayoutReview
09-06-2010 3 assembled boards received.
12-07-2010 One board plugged in on Xilinx development kit and powered. Debugging start.
30-07-2010 ENOB & SNR measured: >11 bits in all ranges.
08-09-2010 Issue with linearity in the 30-90 kHz region caused by offset compensation circuit being investigated.
29-09-2010 Updates to PCB made (EDA-02063-V2). Ten boards ordered. Designer left CERN.
07-01-2011 Ten V2 boards arrived.
08-03-2011 Basic HDL code written (single shot, no time stamps). Needs testing.
04-07-2011 V3 reviewed. V3 review. 3 prototypes will be built.
01-08-2011 Price Enquiry sent out for first Open Hardware production.
15-09-2011 V4 design made. Corrected some textual problems and one BOM item order number.
20-09-2011 Order for 40 cards placed with INCAA Computers (V5). Delivery in January 2012.
20-12-2011 Measured bandwidth is 30 MHz. 40 MHz bandwidth is possible by changing 2 capacitors per channel.
04-04-2012 First production received: 40 V5 cards produced by INCAA Computers.
12-03-2013 Release 1.0 of the fmc-adc gateware for SPEC is available.
19-07-2013 Firmware ported to work on the SVEC VME carrier.
17-01-2014 Release 3.0 of the fmc-adc gateware for SPEC and SVEC is available.
24-03-2014 Cards deployed in CERN's accelerator complex. Start of development to deployement: 4.5 year.
22-04-2014 CERN ordered 100 boards (V5-0) for delivery by 18/7/14 (20) and 19/9/14 (80).
07-09-2015 Over 40 installed in CERN's accelerator complex.

Complete status


Maciej Firmiarz, Matthieu Cattin, Erik van der Bij - 8 February 2017