Changelog 05052011

PDF version for review:

Changes between V1 and V2:

Top level schematic:
  • changed SMC connectors for LEMO 00
  • replaced IVT3200 oscillator with 25 MHz VM53 oscillator as in the SPEC card
  • AC-coupled OSC1 oscillator output to the PLL (C80)
  • removed TDC_STOP outputs, added (125 / 16) MHz TDC_START output (LVPECL)
  • new assignment of the outputs of AD9516:
    -> OUT0-OUT3: 125 MHz (flip-flop clocks)
    -> OUT4-OUT5: 7.8125 MHz (125 MHz / 16): TDC start (and a copy for the FPGA)
    -> OUT7A: 31.25 MHz (125 MHz / 4): TDC ref clock
    -> OUT8: 125 MHz LVDS (FPGA reference clock)
  • removed coupling capacitors on CLK125 diff line (LVDS)
  • some pin reassignments (only single-ended pins were affected)
  • replaced MCP9801 sensor with Dallas's 1-wire sensor (DS18B20U+). The sensor is placed directly under one of the delay chips and is a
    part of tempereature compensation loop
  • reconfigured the TDC inputs: DStart is a 7.8125 MHz clock and DStop1 is the trigger input
  • removed DStop2 input
  • Y-type termination for LVPECL lines (works better with coupled lines and draws less current)
  • redesigned decoupling and regulators, used the same components as in ACAM's devkit. Replaced SOT-223 1117's with SOT-89 version (smaller footprint)
  • added another linear regularor (IC6) for clean TDC digital supply (VDDQ_TDC).
  • removed IrFlag and LoadFlag lines
  • wired Alutrigger to the FMC connector (for forced purge of TDC FIFO)
  • decoupling caps for the TDC as in the app note and ACAM's reference design
  • removed 50 ohm terminations on D inputs of the flip-flops (they accept LVTTL levels)
  • changed the mode of D/LEN inputs in IC2, IC7 to LVTTL (added a 2.2k resistor between Vcf pin and GND)
  • Y-type LVPECL terminations wherever possible
  • replaced the delay chips with SY89295UMG (or MC100EP195BMNG - parts are interchangeable) for improved thermal performance (MLF packages)
  • redesigned decoupling caps layout
  • thermal pads under delay lines
  • modified plane layout (now we have contiguous P3v3 and GND)