V3 Schematics and layout review held on 15 March 2012 by INCAA

INCAA, the company that will produce FMC DEL 1ns 4cha fine delay boards for CERN has reviewed the design.
The design reviewed is EDA-02267-V3-0.

This review can be seen in the file CO120041-3-2-A.pdf.

Reply by Tom Wlostowski

From: Tomasz Wlostowski
Sent: 15 March 2012 17:35
To: Erik Van Der Bij
Subject: Re: FW: Improvement suggestions to the manufacturing file EDA-02267

- CAL_EN: loose net label, I'll remove it.
- OUT_ENA: 100 n CAP + LED diode impedance is enough.
- TERM_ENABLE: you're right, I'll add a pulldown.
- TDC_ADRx: the TDC is held in reset before initialization of MCP23S17

1.2. REFIN is single-ended (check AD9516 datasheet)

BAR66 is an RF diode, it should be fast enough, although I'm going to check the voltage levels asap.
I don't believe that one loose pin driven at 2MHz will form an antenna, but - if we keep the diode, we
can connect the other pin to GND.
As for the parallel resistor - I checked it but didn't notice any difference in SW node waveforms. Anyway,
one extra resistor costs us nothing so I'll add it.

1.4. Why not...

1.5. Look at SW1, F1, D4 in drv_single_channel.SchDoc. IC25 is not directly connected to the output of
the card.

2.1. To be verified with DEM
2.2. Good point, I'll get rid of it.
2.3. I wanted to expose as much of this plane as possible to increase
the heat exchange surface. I'll make sure the components are separated
from the bare plane with solder mask.

3.3 -> DEM

Erik van der Bij - 19 March 2012

CO120041-3-2-A.pdf - Review by INCAA (127.6 kB) Erik van der Bij, 2012-03-19 14:40