Users of the FMC DEL 1ns 4cha card.

The FMC DEL 1ns 4cha or "Fine Delay" card can be used in many ways. If you use the cards, please inform me about it.

Known users

  • Fermilab, USA
    • The Short Baseline Neutrino Physics program (SBN) at Fermilab aims to perform sensitive searches for νe appearance and νμ disappearance in the Booster Neutrino Beam (BNB) using three LAr TPC detectors: SBND (Near Detector), MicroBooNE and ICARUS (Far Detector) located respectively at 110/470/700 meters from the primary target & magnet horns enclosure.
    • WR network for distributing a common pps GPS-locked to the beam target and the detector halls;
    • use of 2 FMC-TDCs, at the BNB and NuMI beam target halls, for time-stamping both the “early warning" and effective beam extraction signals, and distribute these time stamps to the detector halls through WR network;
    • use of 2 FMC-FineDelay, at the detector halls, to generate beam gate windows for triggering on the basis on the beam extraction time stamps, and possibly to generate the clocks for the readout electronics from the pps.
      • This WR network will be the first WR implementation on North America. (D.Torretta, 3/2017)
  • SPring-8 (Japan) (Nov 2014)
    • An evaluation system for a new trigger and tag information distribution system using White Rabbit.

Erik van der Bij - 24 March 2017