29-06-2017: Open Doors for Universal Embedded Design

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The article Open Doors for Universal Embedded Design in Embedded Systems Engineering, written by Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor, reads:

Charged with finding cost-effective integration for multicore platforms, the European Union’s (EU) Artemis EMC2 project finished at the end of May this year. A further initiative with CERN could mean the spirit of co-operation and the principles of open hardware herald an era of innovation.


This collaboration is a new initiative. The PC/104 Consortium will provide design-in examples of new and mature boards, with a reference design, for others to use and create something new. Although the Sundance board is the only [PC/104] product on the CERN Open Hardware Repository, there will be more news in the summer, promises Christensen. “My goal is to get five designs within the first year,” he says, and he is actively working to promote to PC/104 Consortium members that there is a place where they can download—and upload—reference designs which are PC/104-compatible.

Read the full article.

"High Energy Physics and Open Source engineering"

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Andrea Borga from NIKHEF has presented High Energy Physics and Open Source engineering, accelerate shared knowledge at OSSHC 2016, the first edition of the yearly Open Source Software en Hardware Congres for the Benelux countries.

All the presentations (some in Dutch) can be found under the Tab Downloads.

"Open Hardware and Collaboration"

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Javier Serrano will give a Keynote presentation at the PCaPAC conference.

Open Source Hardware (OSHW) follows the lead of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and has similar goals: ensuring developers can share their work without artificial hurdles, improving quality through peer review, avoiding vendor lock-in and providing for a fair playground in which projects can thrive and accommodate contributions without compromising their long-term future. The talk will introduce OSHW and then attempt to answer a number of questions:
•What are the perceived benefits and issues of OSHW, in general and in the context of public research facilities?
•What is new with respect to FOSS?
•What makes OSHW projects succeed or fail?

The talk will use real examples of OSHW projects throughout, and will conclude with some thoughts about what the future holds in this domain.

The 11th International Workshop Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls 2016 (PCaPAC) will be held by LNLS, in Campinas, Brazil. PCaPAC traditionally focuses on low-cost control systems using PC technology for control & data acquisition systems and emerging technologies.

25-06-2015: Work at CERN as electronics engineer?

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Electronics engineering at its best in a challenging, unusual context?
Are you interested in working for the biggest accelerator complex in the world, taking responsibility for design, development and support of the hardware and HDL code of the control systems?
Would you like to play a key role in the planning and coordination of hardware manufacturing, in collaboration with industry?
Then, join the Hardware and Timing Section of CERN's Controls Group at CERN. Take Part!

Yes indeed, this is the place where the origin of is, where the CERN Open Hardware Licence has been developed, and where many successful Open Hardware designs have been designed.
Give it a try to start working with us!

Be fast to apply as the Closing date for applying is on 16 August 2015 already.
For more information:

8-6-2015: Open Business Lunch about OH

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"Accélération de l’innovation et partage des savoirs grâce à l’open hardware"* is the title of the speech that Javier Serrano, co-author of the CERN Open Hardware License and creator of the Open Hardware Repository will give on 12 June at the Open Business Lunch in Lausanne.

*: "Accelerating innovation and knowledge sharing with open hardware"

24-03-15: OH at CERN

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CERN Brochure: Open Hardware at CERN (pdf, 1MB)

CERN is actively making its knowledge and technology available
for the benefit of society and does so through a variety of different
mechanisms. Open hardware has in recent years established itself as
a very effective way for CERN to make electronics designs and in particular
printed circuit board layouts, accessible to anyone, while also
facilitating collaboration and design re-use. It is creating an impact on
many levels, from companies producing and selling products based on
hardware designed at CERN, to new projects being released under the
CERN Open Hardware Licence.

04-12-14: From Do-It-Yourself To Do-It-Together

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"From Do-It-Yourself To Do-It-Together" is the title of the speech that Javier Serrano, co-author of the CERN Open Hardware License and creator of the Open Hardware Repository will give at TEDxPlaceDesNations.

You can see the live webcast on Wednesday 11 December 2014.

Update: recording available

07-10-2013: Programmable Planet blogs about OHWR

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William Murray writes about the site in his blog CERN's Open Hardware Project: Where White Rabbits Photomultiply.

Note that, unlike the blog states, the designs are not made with the Kicad tool.

07-10-2013: "How to create successful OH projects"

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How to create successful open hardware projects - about White Rabbits and open fields (pdf) is a presentation describing the CERN Open Hardware projects and contains a very short introduction about the White Rabbit project. The main focus is on the five points that seem to be required to make an Open Hardware project successful.

It contains on page 15 a nice table of the eight CERN OH designs that found manufacturers and clients.

This slideshow was presented on 25 September at the Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics, Perugia, Italy, September 23-27, 2013. TWEPP2013

07-10-2013: OH workshop held in San Francisco

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An Open Hardware workshop was held on 6 October just before the start of the ICALEPCS 2013 International Conference on Accelerator & Large Experimental Physics Control Systems.

Soon you'll be able to find the presentations at the workshop page.

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