ICALEPCS 2015 Workshop on FOSS EDA tools

This workshop will take place on Sunday 18 October 2015, preceding the ICALEPCS 2015 conference in Melbourne, Australia, for one full afternoon. A more detailed program will be posted here at least one month before the event. The exact times will be:

13:30 - Session 1
15:00 - Coffee break
15:30 - Session 2
17:00 - Finish

Sharing hardware designs is difficult because the market for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools is fragmented and mostly dominated by proprietary tools with incompatible formats. The workshop will explore the current landscape of free software tools for EDA, with an emphasis on KiCad, an application for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design. We will design a complete PCB from scratch using KiCad. If time allows and there is enough interest, we will also look at tools for Hardware Description Language (HDL) simulation and SPICE or SPICE-like analog simulation of circuits. See the FOSS EDA devroom we organized in FOSDEM 2015 for a taste of the subjects.

Please subscribe to the event mailing list if you would like to make suggestions on the program and stay up to date on information related to the workshop.

Registration for the workshop costs AU$75 and is handled through the official ICALEPCS 2015 registration page. Attendees can register to the workshop only or to the full conference plus a number of workshops.

Also feel free to contact the workshop organizers directly with any questions or suggestions: Javier Serrano, Tomasz Włostowski and Maciej Sumiński.

kicad_pi.zip - Tutorial project (2.8 MB) Maciej Sumiński, 2015-10-18 01:03