Some quotes we received about the ohwr site and its projects:

My collegaues are already having a long look at SPEC because it seems to fit very well into one of our projects. It was a lucky day when I discovered your website! This story is going to unfold in the future, I am sure!
W.S., USA, 10/7/2013

... the SVEC and SPEC modules look like a very well thought through and put together project - congratulations! I wish I heard about it sooner. If we have any questions I will not hesitate to ask you right away.
E.D., USA, 11/7/2013

We have collaborated with the (CERN CO group) during the process of designing the FMC’s and have benefited greatly from their knowledge and experience with designing such hardware. Because of this we have also strived to make our designs as compatible and equal to former FMC designs by the CO group as possible.
M.S., CERN, 13/11/2013

PS: This may be off-topic, but I really love the way SPEC and DIO boards are designed!! They are robust, clean and visually appealing -- congratulations ;-)
J.G.L. 10/1/2014

I want to say once more: You really do a fantastic job down there at CERN and I really think that especially the SPEC project is of great importance not only in the physics community. Thanks again for all this to all of you! :-D
R.P. Switzerland, 11/3/2015

Let me express that my feeling is that Open Hardware is really doing an impact... and it is growing, it allows SMEs to play important roles in large developments where only large companies were allowed before.... so it is really changing the world (at least our technology development world), particularly within the scientific field, but is also penetrating the other industrial areas.
E.R. Spain, 27/7/2015

I'm looking into the hdl (of White Rabbit) and it's really impressive the work that you have done! A milestone achievement of Open Source (software and hardware)!
M.R. Italy, 28/7/2015

We have learned the importance of "freedom to operate", so having the base/core of White Rabbit open, is in fact a great advantage. In this sense Javier at CERN is a visionary... (he has done a great impact on many SMEs in this field, playing now in fields where they were not allowed before ... which is important in this knowledge based era) and I think there is still a lot to contribute in this field and new collaboration and sharing scheme (that has also its own challenges...)... There are also important differences with respect to software....
E.R. Spain, 27/7/2015

I wanted to start with saying that many of your schematics (SVEC, FMC cards, etc.) have been very useful for ideas and implementation details of the card I’m working on. This is one of the virtues of open hardware and I’m sure many other people are profiting from this, thanks for sharing!
P.V.T. Switzerland, 18/12/15

Regarding your card, this is just an awesome piece of equipment!!! It does what it is supposed to do, has a perfect and easy understandable API and is simply a pleasure!!! (Please also tell the other people involved in this project, you are ALL GREAT, many thanks again!!!) Whenever I once visit CERN I gonna bring a cake for you and your team!!!
Have a very nice day in Geneva and work on with your important and very helpful contribution to the scientific community!

R.P. Switzerland, 9/5/16

Erik van der Bij - 18 May 2016