OHR Getting Started

If you are an OHWR user, see the User guide.
If you are a project administrator or want to start your own project, see the Administrator guide for OHWR.

Please note that you only need to register and request membership for a project if you need write access on the wiki and repositories. Read access is universal. You will not be able to access more material by registering. Also, subscribing to mailing lists is independent from OHR membership. If you do think you need an OHR account, please contact Javier.Serrano (insert a "@" here) cern.ch first.

The guides above should cover most of the questions you might have when using the OHWR site. You can also browse the Redmine Guide for a more general guidance. (Redmine is a project management tool, and Chiliproject is its most known fork, as well as the software used for developing this site. We've added several modifications).

If you need further assistance, or detect a problem with the site, please open a support ticket.

You can also read about The Hardware Behind OHWR or our Manifesto.