TimEX3 (Timing EXtension board version 3)


The TimEX3 is a multipurpose 3U compact PCI board designed to perform simple to medium complex logical functions.
This board is mainly used for the synchronization system of SOLEIL.

The foreseen uses include:

  • 1 TTL input to 4 TTL outputs signal duplication.
  • 1 TTL input to 4 LVPECL outputs signal conversion and duplication.
  • Top-up gating.
  • Trigger monitoring.

These functions are done with a FPGA and by configuring the board during the manufacturing.
The same PCB is used, but different components will be soldered depending on the function needed.


The TimEX3 board is based on a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA.
It communicates with the compact PCI bus through a PLX PCI9030 interface. This chip is connected to the FPGA with a simple 60MHz, 32 bits microprocessor bus.
The board can be configured either in 1 TTL input / 4 TTL outputs, or 1 TTL input / 4 LVPECL outputs. This is done during the manufacturing by soldering either the TTL buffers or the LVPECL buffers.

The board is powered by the cPCI bus. The power can also be supplied by an auxiliary connector. In this case, the board will function in standalone. This is useful for signal duplication or top-up gating where a cPCI crate is not required.


Archived files can be downloaded at http://www.ohwr.org/projects/timex3/files

TimEX3_bin_xxxx.zip FPGA and PCI9030 EEPROM binaries
TimEX3_fpga_xxxx.zip FPGA VHDL sources and configuration files
TimEX3_pdf_xxxx.zip PDF files of the schematics, the PCB and the CAD
TimEX3_SCH_PCB_CAD_xxxx.zip Source files of the schematics, the PCB and the CAD


1 [FR] Cahier des charges de la carte TimEX3 SOU-DIA-CDC-3421-CDC_TimEX3-Ext.pdf
2 [EN] TimEX3 design specifications SOU-DIA-NT-3267-TimEX3_Spe.pdf
3 [FR] Test de la carte prototype TimEX3 SOU-DIA-NT-3473-test_TimEX3.pdf
4 [FR] Evaluation du logiciel de CAO électronique KiCad SOU-DIA-NT-3419-evaluation_KiCad-Ext.pdf
5 [EN] First Tests of the Top-up Gating at Synchrotron SOLEIL WEPC39
6 [FR] HSI de la carte TimEX3 SOU-DIA-NT-P-3603-HSI_TimEX3.pdf

Documents can be downloaded at http://www.ohwr.org/projects/timex3/documents


The TimEX3 board is designed with KiCad software (http://www.kicad-pcb.org).
KiCad libraries for this board are available on Github (https://github.com/Synchrotron-SOLEIL/KiCad-Lib)

archi-small.jpg - TimEX3 architecture (61.9 kB) Jean-Paul Ricaud, 2013-04-10 18:43

TimEX3_small.jpg - TimEX3 photo (61.5 kB) Jean-Paul Ricaud, 2013-04-11 21:22

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