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  • Arkus, Japan (Japanese only)
    • Fixed latency trigger distribution system (April 2014, F.de Guzman)
  • CERN
    • ATLAS
      • Seismic measurements (M.Guinchard, Nov-Dec.2015)
        • As it was plan in the best schedule, the first set of vibration measurements was performed this afternoon during core drilling operation at point 1. We took measurements for several depths 10,20,30,40,50 and 60m. Seismic sensors connected to spectrum analyzer in UJ16 were perfectly synchronized with the same equipment at the surface. (12 Nov. 2015)
    • General Machine Timing system upgrade in the Antiproton Decelerator and the ELENA ring (Jean-Claude Bau, January 2013)
    • Beam Instrumentation
      • Time-stamp events based on a reference clock that will be received by WR. (BE-BI, April 2017)
    • BTrain upgrade: a system to distribute the value of the bending magnetic field in synchrotrons in real-time
      • Btrain over White Rabbit on CERN CO wikis (CERN access only)
      • Magnetic field measurement and distribution of the data in real-time (M. Buzio, TE-MSC, January 2013)
        • Successful validation of B-field distribution via White Rabbit (March 2014)
      • Electrical Power Converter system (J-L. Gomez Costa, TE-EPC, June 2013. Tested succesfully May 2014)
        • POPS: Power converter for PS Ring Main Dipole
          • Receive the measurement Bfield from Btrain: POPS Converter receives a Field Reference and it will use the measured Bfield as a correction on the Converter regulation loop.
          • Send PS Ring Main Dipole current (Im) to Btrain and PFW devices: We take advantage of the White-Rabbit infrastructure to distribute this signal so no extra cabling is needed. This transmission is done @ 1KHz.
        • PFW: Phase Loop Windings Converters for PS Ring Main Dipoles
          • Receive the measurement Bdot from Btrain and PS Ring Main Dipole Current (Im) from POPS:PFW Converters uses those signals to compensate for the effect of the Main Dipole current on the PFW windings.
      • Radio-Frequency Group, Feedbacks and beam control (M.Sundal, BE-RF-FB, June 2013)
        • Module in the PS that will receive information about the B-train over White Rabbit and calculate the RF frequency. Part of the upgrade of the RF program in the PS. Prototyping with SPEC and WR Starting Kit. Final system will use the SVEC.
      • Radio-Frequency Group, Servos and Control interface (Simonin, BE-RF-CS, Apr 2015)
        • WR used for B-train reception to work on VXS Switch board.. To be used in ELENA by end 2015.
      • Beam Instrumentation group (P.Odier 10/2015)
        • Normalising Beta of the DCCT transformers
    • LHC Instabilities Trigger Distribution
    • ProtoDUNE - CERN Prototype of DUNE
    • SM-18: Magnetic field measurement and distribution of the data in real-time (M. Charrondiere, TE-MSC, April 2016)
    • SPS RF distribution over White Rabbit on CERN CO wikis (CERN access only)
  • CHIRON-IT, The Netherlands
    • Measurement system for high-voltage tests, using SPEC and modified ADC cards.
    • 700 measurement nodes will be installed at three independent locations. (M.Emke, Feb.2015)
  • Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (G. Naylor, S.Hall, B.Huang, Jan.2013-Apr.2015)
    • Real-Time Protection System that will prevent the MAST-U machine’s magnetic coils from damage. The White Rabbit collects the signals read from the coils and measure the level of electrical current passing through them during a plasma pulse. If the current gets too high, the Real-Time Protection System automatically kicks in – gradually winding down the power supplies so the pulse can be stopped without harming the machine.
    • This particular version of the switch has been adapted from one used for data synchronization at CERN, so MAST-U is getting a device with tried-and-tested performance in a ‘big science’ setting. Uses Xilinx Aurora streaming (no packets) at 1.25Gbps, latency 0.5us.
    • Piece by piece: Real-Time Protection System, MASTwire magazine, Page 2
  • ESS Bilbao, Spain
    • After an extensive study, White Rabbit has been chosen as the most promising option for the synchronization network at ESS Bilbao, a light ion linear accelerator. Therefore, first SPEC to SPEC tests have been performed. Now, with a White Rabbit switch a new set up will be tested to provide synchronization signals for ESS Bilbao's hydrogen positive ion source (ISHP) in the near future. For 2013 ESS Bilbao is planning to test PXI SPECs (SPEXI) which is the most suitable platform for the integration of White Rabbit into ESS Bilbao's general control system. (Oct.2012)
  • Fermilab, USA
    • New proposal for timing and event system. New Altera FPGA board for LLRF and resonance controller application. (J.Einstein, S.Khole, 1/2016)
    • SBND Neutrino detector, time-stamping and distributing triggers (E.Church/ppnl, 2/2016)
    • WR network for distributing a common pps GPS-locked to the beam target and the detector halls;
    • use of 2 FMC-TDCs, at the BNB and NuMI beam target halls, for time-stamping both the “early warning" and effective beam extraction signals, and distribute these time stamps to the detector halls through WR network;
    • use of 2 FMC-FineDelay, at the detector halls, to generate beam gate windows for triggering on the basis on the beam extraction time stamps, and possibly to generate the clocks for the readout electronics from the pps.
    • This WR network will be the first WR implementation on North America. (D.Torretta, 3/2017)
  • JINR (Russia)
    • Main clock distribution at BM@N experiment and MPD
      • WR-enabled devices took part in real data taking run in 2015.
    • White Rabbit enabled boards
      • Clock and trigger distribution board FVME2TMWR
      • Stand-alone digitizer ADC64s2
      • TDC
      • other
  • Paris Observatory (Observatoire de Paris / CNRS-INSU, CNRS-IN2P3) (July 2015)
    • NEBuLA - Wideband digitiser for astronomy (NumEriseur à Bande Large pour l’Astronomie)
      • Digitize the RF frequency band of an antenna directly in its pedestal
      • Export data over fiber to a common computing facility
      • Provide time and frequency references to allow for multi-antennae processing, further in the chain.
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam, API, Grappa, The Netherlands
    • Design and evaluation of a central clock distribution system for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) for event time stamping of ~100 telescopes
    • Use of two custom WhiteRabbit switches as the data acquisition board of the CHEC-M and CHEC-S prototype cameras (CTA-UK)
    • Cooperation with DESY Zeuthen, VU University Amsterdam and KM3Net@Nikhef
    • High-precision fibre-optical timing distribution systems over large distances and their application to astroparticle physics facilities (presentation)


  • Allied Partners, USA
    • Evaluating deterministic ethernet solutions for critical infrastructure networks and applications (July 2012)
  • Ain Shams University, Egypt (Oct.2015)
    • White Rabbit for Internet of Things.
  • Cosylab WR timing system test, Slovenia
  • ELI-ALPS, Hungary
    • laser research facility. Testing ease of use and accuracy. (Kiss, Feb 2015)
      • have 3 switches, a GPS reference and FMC cards.
    • Plan to use White Rabbit in order to serve a common timestamps for the whole facility - except for the lasers, which need a femtosecond level synchronization.
    • Synchronization issues at ELI-ALPS, I.Kiss, 25 February, 2015, SZEGED
  • ELI-BEAMS, Czech Republic
    • evaluate WR as a potential facility level electronic timing system.
    • have 2 switches, 2 SPEC cards with DIO and Fine Delay FMCs to do jitter measurements (Bastl, Apr.2015)
    • interested in Micro TCA platform for control system
    • ELI: Electronic Timing System (ETS) at Facility Level
  • ESRF, France
    • Upgrade program of its storage ring. First analysis of several existing systems is done and arrived to the conclusion that, at the lights of the architecture and features of the product, it is worth to consider White Rabbit as the most attractive candidate. (Chaize, Feb 2014)
    • Tests done with WR evaluation kit. Need for RF transmission over WR (Goujon, Jan 2015)
  • Hartnell College - Physics, USA
    • Provide time stamp information for triggers from cosmic ray coincidence events using White Rabbit. (Aug 2014)
  • ESS Lund, Sweden
    • LTH (Lunds Tekniska Högskola) in Sweden, master thesis work on Time synchronization by software. Work requested by ESS is: how to synchronize a laptop with a White Rabbit network by software (Linux and Windows), (F.Winquist, O.Abdilameer, May 2015).
  • Institute for plasma research, Gujarat, India
    • Use White Rabbit for Timing synchronization and trigger distribution. using PCs, VME and PXI. (June 2015)
  • ITER timing system (F. Di Maio, Feb 2012), France
  • Michigan State University, USA
  • NPL, UK
  • National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, University of Science and Technology of China, China (Oct 2012)
    • Upgrade of the timing and control systems of accelerators. Will build demo to assess the feasibility.
  • NICA, accelerator of JINR at Dubna, Russia (30/8/11)
    • Deliver control information to different parts of accelerator over the Ethernet synchronously with a subnanosecond accuracy.
    • Evalutating WR cores: Y.Kozhevnikov and PhD student A.Mukhamatnabeev.
  • SKA - Square Kilometre Array.
    • The dish receivers have to maintain coherence - which means phase stability to an equivalent rms of 1 ps over time scales of 10-15 mins. This can be done by using go and return signals on optical fibre. In addition time at the dishes and stations need to be known to a few ns. The latter could be done by a network of GPS receivers, NPT or White Rabbit. White Rabbit looks good in terms of cost/performance.
  • SPring-8 (Japan) (Nov 2014)
    • An evaluation system for a new trigger and tag information distribution system using White Rabbit.
  • University of Cape Town (UCT) in collaboration with University College London (UCL) (South Africa, United Kingdom)
  • Other
    • Passive radar installation (2017)
    • Replacing several GPS receivers on a site by a single one (2013)

Publicly funded projects where White Rabbit plays a role

    • UGR and Seven Solutions are finishing the implementation of the HSR protocol for WR devices, in particular the WR-Switch to increase availability and avoid single point of failure for time and data distribution. This work has been done in the framework of the European ARTEMIS JU EMC2 project and involves the development of the Peer-2-Peer mechanism for clock propagation, PeerDelay for the delay measurement, the utilization of HSR tags in frames, and the Switch-over mechanism developed by CERN to recover from a node failure. Current progress and more information can be found at the OHWR WR-HSR webpage.
  • European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR)
  • EMRP - European Association of National Metrology Institutes
    • The EMRP is jointly funded by the EMRP participating countries within EURAMET and the European Union (912/2009/EC).
    • NEAT-FT Finished (Nov. 2012 - May 2015)
      • Project summaries
      • The aim of the project NEAT-FT is to investigate new techniques for phase-coherent comparison of remotely located optical clocks, separated by distances of up to 1500 km using optical fibre links. Within the scope of the JRP the equipment necessary for reliable operation of fibre links will be developed and all technological steps towards a full optical link infrastructure demonstrated.
        Beside frequency dissemination, new techniques for time transfer over optical fibre networks will be investigated in order to provide better timing signals than currently available with GPS receivers. For typical spans of up to 100 km the JRP aims to improve the accuracy down to about 100 ps. Furthermore, the feasibility of a European fibre network connecting optical clocks in Europe will be studied in close collaboration with potential fibre providers.
      • Extract of SIB-02 NEAT-FT final Newsletter:
        Following a recommendation of the international advisory board to investigate the possibility of a time link between radio-observatories at Metsähovi (Finland) and Onsala (Sweden) a study on feasibility of a standard uni-directional network for long-haul timing dissemination using PTP-WR (Precision time Protocol- White Rabbit) was initiated. We have focused on long distance testing of White Rabbit equipment. A test link of about 1000 km distance between MIKES sites at Espoo and Kajaani has been set-up. This was achieved in close collaboration with the Centre for Scientific Computing Ltd. (CSC), the Finnish University Network and CERN, with support by VSL and SP. In a 120 day comparison between GPS-PPP time transfer and the 1000-km long link White Rabbit time link in a live DWDM network, the performance and reliability of the fibre link were found to be excellent where the results were limited by the statistics of the GPS–PPP link.
      • Some participants using WR: MIKES, VSL, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • TIGRIS - Total Integrated GRid Intelligent System
    • Integrated and secure “Smart Grid” solution for the electrical network. Finished (2013-2015)
    • Uses the FMC ADC board to access analog signals. Connected to a Rogowski coil that performs the detection and time tagging of events in the electrical grid.
  • WORLDTIMING (Ultra accurate world timing services)
    • EU SME INSTRUMENT grant (number 673403), awarded to Seven Solutions in the framework of the Space calls.

Projects requesting public funds

Horizon 2020 fetopen

  • Improving the short term stability of the output clock (Seven Solutions, UGR, June 2014)


  • SuperB, Italy
  • LNLS (Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory), Brazil
    • using WR for the fast orbit feedback and for the timing system of Sirius.
  • TOTEM experiment at CERN
    • Accurate timng for the Roman Pot detector (June 2013, W.Snoeys)

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... our university spin-off company OPNT recently realized a successful White Rabbit implementation in the network of Vodafone Netherlands. (...) After calibration the residual timing offset across the 320-km-long link was found to be less than one nanosecond. See also the press release.
Needless to say that this result builds strongly on the outstanding work delivered by the White Rabbit community over the past years, and we are thankful to all of you who contributed. We are absolutely convinced that with White Rabbit you have created a game changer that will enable marvelous new technologies in the future!
(JK, The Netherlands, 9/6/17)

The more I read about white-rabbit, the more impressed I am!
You and your colleagues should rightly be very proud of your achievements and I appreciate that the algorithm and hardware has been made available as open-source materials.
I have learnt much from studying the high quality documentation in the OHWR repositories.
(S, United Kingdom, 5/5/2017)

First of all thank you once more for the help and support your team is providing to our colleagues at Fermilab for setting up the WR network for distributing beam signals! (AF, USA, 30/3/2017)

Seismic sensors connected to spectrum analyzer in UJ16 were perfectly synchronized with the same equipments at the surface thanks to BE-CO team. (MG, Switzerland, 12/11/2015)

Thanks for the call and the extra information. This (level of commitment) shows the difference between a normal open source project and a successful one. (EH, The Netherlands, 13/10/2015)

I'm looking into the hdl (of White Rabbit) and it's really impressive the work that you have done! A milestone achievement of Open Source (software and hardware)! M.R. Italy, 28/7/2015

The successful integration of WR PTP Core on our hardware allowed us to choose White Rabbit as a main time distribution system. (JINR, Russia, 7/10/14)

Technology from advanced-physics research institute CERN will form part of National Instruments’ long-term strategy to improve the ability of distributed systems to support real-time control. ... White Rabbit offers a tremendous opportunity to get into the nanosecond range and we are working intensely to bring this capability to distributed systems. (blog Jim Truchard, president NI , 9/8/14)

My knowledge about all of WR Technology and its subprojects is expanding now. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to work in such project. :), and also to have kind friends here for continiously sharing their knowledge. (Arkus/Japan, 30/5/14)

We note the excellent system reliability: not a single component of four complete stations showed a failure over 6 months of Siberian winter performance (at operation/storage temperatures of 0...+30C / -45...+10C, respectively). (ICRC2013 paper 1158)

We acknowledge very helpful discussions, technical advices and support from the White Rabbit community (in particular the CERN based team and A. Rubini) during all phases of this project. The technical support from both SevenSolutions and Creotech [companies- ED] was very helpful. (ICRC2013 paper 1146)

It is great work that you all are doing with WhiteRabbit, very valuable also outside CERN. (centre for metrology, 25/7/13)

The big, active and very communicative WRcommunity has made the White Rabbit system a well debugged and calibrated system. In particular, for high demands on longterm precision and stability, the extensive usage and debugging of the WR-key components make it very reliable. (ICRC2013 paper 1146)

Experience is excellent (!!). (DESY, 28/10/13)

14 June 2017