White Rabbit PTP Core Release v4.1

This gateware and software release of the White Rabbit PTP Core v4.1 contains:
  • the WRPC component VHDL code
  • Platform Support Packages for Xilinx and Altera/Intel supported FPGAs
  • Board Support Packages containing WRPC and Platform modules to facilitate custom HDL developments with WRPC
  • Reference designs for officially supported boards: SPEC, SVEC, VFC-HD

The list of the most important features and fixes can be found on the wiki page for the WR PTP Core project. For the full changelog please check the list of solved issues for WR PTP Core HDL and LM32 software

Release date

  • 7 July 2017


You can build the v4.1 release firmware from our repository or download synthesized reference design binaries for one of the supported boards.



The gateware and software source code of the White Rabbit PTP Core tagged wrpc-v4.1 can be found in the following repositories:
  • wr-cores - git://ohwr.org/hdl-core-lib/wr-cores.git
  • wrpc-sw - git://ohwr.org/hdl-core-lib/wr-cores/wrpc-sw.git

Grzegorz Daniluk - 7 July 2017