WR Switch firmware v5.0 released

Added by Grzegorz Daniluk on 16 Dec 2016 at 12:02

The new stable release v5.0 of the WR Switch firmware comes this year as a Christmas present. As always, you can find all the links to download the firmware binaries and manuals on our release wiki page

Main features and fixes include:

  • Updated Buildroot 2016.02
  • Updated Linux kernel 3.16.38
  • Fixes to the SNMP support preventing it from crashing or not updating objects
  • Changing WR interfaces enumeration in Linux (wri1..18 instead of wr0..17) to match the ports enumeration on the front panel
  • 64-bit Tx/Rx frame counters
  • Verification of firmware checksum before updating
  • VLANs configuration in the central dot-config file
  • make menuconfig on the switch to facilitate modification of a local dot-config file
  • New timing role none to disable PTP on selected ports
  • More verbose Syslog messages in case of errors
  • new wr_mon tool - with improvements for reporting VLANs and synchronization peer
  • User-defined boot script execution for all exotic setups currently not possible with standard configuration mechanisms
  • Tools for reading and writing SFP EEPROMs
  • Advanced RTU configurations in dot-config
  • Re-written, more efficient multiport linked list in the switching core
  • Added bandwidth throttling HDL module to prevent CPU from being flooded with traffic from WR ports
  • Additional frames counter for traffic originated from Linux to WR ports
  • Improved RTU forwarding decisions to save resources and not forward Ethernet frames to ports that are down
  • White Rabbit Switch: Failures and Diagnostics - document that lists various errors that the switch may report and tries to propose possible problems that caused the Error and actions that should be taken.
You can find a list of the main features and bugfixes in the wiki pages for two subprojects: For the full list of solved issues please check:

We also advise you to read the two FAQ items [1] [2] describing minor issues you might experience when upgrading to v5.0.

Thank you for all the bug reports and contributions. As always, we encourage you to try this fresh release on your switches.

Greg Daniluk, Adam Wujek

WR Switch firmware v4.2 released

Added by Grzegorz Daniluk on 28 Aug 2015 at 16:11

After some months of hard work we're happy to announce a brand new v4.2 stable firmware release for the WR Switch. It is full of new features and stability improvements. As usual, you can find all the links to download the firmware binaries and manuals on our release wiki page.

Main features on the software side include:
  • improved boot scripts - now you can manually start/stop services using /etc/init.d/* scripts
  • Monit to supervise running processes and restart them if they crash
  • reorganized and improved SNMP monitoring - you can find there raw expert values as well as the general status information about your switch
  • dot-config configuration file which can be fetched on run-time from a central server using tftp/ftp/http protocols
  • temperature monitoring inside the WRS box and rising an alarm if it's too high
  • improved root password handling - now you can configure it in clear text or encrypted in the dot-config file
  • setting system time from the WR time (in Slave mode) - to have consistent logs from all the switches in a network
  • improved LED signalization on the front panel
  • reorganized and cleaned up internal software libraries
  • lowered CPU usage by exporting information from various daemons using SHM instead of IPC calls
  • fixed bugs since the last release
  • cleaned up the code
Main features on the gateware side include:
  • generation of the WR-synchronized 10MHz aux clock - only in v3.4 hardware
  • performed serious stress tests and provided many fixes in the HDL modules responsible for Ethernet switching - WRS does not crash anymore under a high load of traffic
  • fixed resetting Xilinx FIFOs in the Endpoints - was causing sometimes a random port to stall forever after powering up the switch
  • SDB support to export information about the Wishbone modules and synthesis information (metadata) - software still does not use the SDB data, this will come with v4.3 release
  • HDL watchdog module for monitoring the Switching Core operation - in case there is still some not-yet-explored bug which could freeze the whole switch
  • modified PSTATs module to improve timing closure for the 18-ports synthesis
  • bugfixes and code clean-up
You can find a list of the main features and bugfixes in the roadmap table for two subprojects:

Thank you for all the bug reports and contributions. As always, we encourage you to try this fresh release on your switches.

v4.2-RC2 is available for testing

Added by Grzegorz Daniluk on 24 Jul 2015 at 18:53

After some months of work we would like to share with you release
candidate 2 for the upcoming WR Switch firmware v4.2. You can find the
binaries and manual in the Files section.

Here is a brief list of the most important new features and bugfixes
in this latest firmware:

  • remote monitoring through SNMP with redesigned MIB, including
    general status words about the WRS and detailed information exported
  • central dot-config configuration file that can be fetched on boot
    time from a remote server
  • 10MHz generation on clk2 output (only v3.4 hardware)
  • fixes in the Swcore, Endpoint and RTU HDL so that the switch does
    not crash anymore under high load of traffic
  • PPSi fixes to follow large offset jumps, the problem occured when
    more than 2 switches in a chain were powered in the same time
  • improved fetching initial time from the NTP server
  • webinterface improvements
  • front panel LED signalization improvements

and much more..

Please remember it's not a stable release yet and it should be used
only in the lab tests. We encourage you to try it and report if you
experience any problems.


Added by Benoit Rat on 12 Dec 2014 at 12:52

This release fixes a few problems we found in the previous release:

- The SCB type used for PLL configuration now depends on the hwinfo partition and not on the DF type.
- Correct reboot procedure in the web interface.

The v4.1.2 release is mandatory for 7S-SCBv3.4-S2 boards (otherwise the PLL is not correctly programmed). For other hardware version, it is recommended if you are a web interface user.


Added by Alessandro Rubini on 17 Oct 2014 at 08:01

This release fixes a few problems we found in the release 4.1
- upgrading from v4.0 was not actually preserving the MAC address
- upgrading from v4.0 without a management USB connection was going
to stop without completing
- one of the "trivial" changes in our PTP daemon was wrong and
resulted in constant offsets in the synchronization

We released new binaries and a new user manual, describing the
procedure to upgrade a v4.0 switch without an USB cable while
still preserving the MAC address. The procedure to upgrade
with the USB cable is unchanged but the problem with preserving
the MAC address is now fixed.

We (and especially me) apologize for the problem.

WR Switch Software v4.1

Added by Alessandro Rubini on 04 Oct 2014 at 22:10

The release includes support for the new motherboard (a.k.a. scb).
It include SDB support for hardware identification, an update procedure
that can replace the boot loader, better code in the web server and
a new organization for documents. It also removes ptp-noposix,
to simplify addition of new features and code cleanup.

Installations of v4.0 can be updated over the network.

The release runs gateware version 4.0: new gateware features will be
available in wr-switch-sw v4.2

WR Switch firmware v4.0.1 (hotfix for v4.0) is out

Added by Grzegorz Daniluk on 19 Aug 2014 at 14:02

Unfortunately we found out after the v4.0 release that there is a bug in the SoftPLL module that causes problems with synchronizing some boards to the switch in a free-running mode. This v4.0.1 firmware should be used instead of the v4.0. List of features and the documentation is the same as for v4.0. You can find more information on the v4.0.1 release wiki page

WR Switch firmware release v4.0 is out

Added by Grzegorz Daniluk on 08 Aug 2014 at 15:03

We are happy to announce that the stable v4.0 release of the WR Switch firmware is out. As usual you can find all the links to download the firmware binaries and manuals on our release wiki page:

Beside the bugfixes since the previous v3.3 release, this firmware adds features like the new PTP daemon, VLAN support, per-port statistics and (limited) remote management. You can find the list of all the new features and bugfixes on the wiki:

Please notice that this firmware release may be used only on WR Switch hardware with the LX240T FPGA. LX130T chip is no longer supported as it is too small to fit the new features.

We thank you for all the bug reports and fixes since v3.3 and would like to encourage you to try this brand new v4.0.

wr-switch-sw release 4.0 rc1

Added by Alessandro Rubini on 10 Jul 2014 at 10:39

we finally tagged wr-switch-sw-v4.0-rc1 and made an official release.

What is it?

  • wr-switch-sw

It is the package for the complete "firmware" that runs in a white
rabbit switch. It includes all the ARM software in source form, the
LM32 binary for the PLL code built from source in wrpc-sw, the
complete gateware for the switch, built from other ohwr repositories.

  • v4.0-rc1

Release Candidate 1 for the upcoming official 4.0. Please note that
you are not expected to deploy this version on the accelerators, because
some details need final fixings, as well as thorough test in diverse

The "files" tab of ohwr includes pre-built binaries for installation,
and the manual built from the officially-tagged commit. We urge people
to rebuild, rather than using the prebuilt binaries, after running
"make menuconfig" in the main source directory so to select the
proper network addresses for syslog and similar things.

The main news items in the release are
  • new gateware with better performances and vlan support
  • per-port statistic counters
  • ppsi as a default ptp daemon
  • a new and better filesystem setup in nand (ubi/ubifs)
  • a completely new installation, cleaner and easier
  • on-the-field update is built in (but we miss the UI part)
  • WR information is exported through snmp and a special mib file
  • the boot loader supports the new dataflash chip (next production batch)
  • remote syslog support

The package is documented, with some shortcuts due to time constraints,
but this is not a news item.

We'd love both power users and normal people to test this new release,
reporting any issue and requesting any code merge (please rebase over
rc1 and test internally before asking for a merge). For example
the new web interface commits by 7S are not merged yet, but I really want
them in v4.0. I apologize for not being able to review them yet.

So we are now heading towards a great and strong wr-switch-sw-v4.0, to
be release before the end of the month, unless something catastrophic
happens. I welcome any feedback, suggestion and patched during these
final weeks.

wr-switch-sw, release 3.3

Added by Alessandro Rubini on 30 Jul 2013 at 11:06

We are happy to announce that we have v3.3 of WR Switch firmware
released. We chose to jump from v3.1 ro v3.3 in order to match
the hardware releases -- but this software package works on both 3.2 and 3.3
hardwareof the box.

You can find all the links to download the firmware
binaries, manuals and more on our release wiki page:

To find out the list of new features and bugfixes please check the two
tables for releases' roadmap:

Many thanks to Benoit and Grzegorz who did most of the work,
and to all other WR developers for reporting
bugs, proposing fixes and the commits to both hdl and sw repos.

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