White Rabbit Switch Software


This project has been created on 2010-09-21 to host all the software used in the WR switch,
the main component of the White Rabbit project.

We are now at August 2012 and the project is released. Complete documentation, as well as
pre-built binaries to be installed to the switch are in the Files section of the ohwr project
(please pick the most recent, older ones are kept online to help previous users to rebuild
their environment unchanged).

The following software components are currently being used to boot the switch:
  • at91bootstrap-3.3
  • barebox-2014.04
  • linux-3.16.38
  • buildroot-2016.02
  • all the custom stuff included in this OHWR project

Project information

Roadmap for software releases

v4.1 v4.2 v5.0
Release date 04/10/2014 28/08/2015 16/12/2016
Support for main board 3.4 and 3.3 x
Use of SDB to store HW information x
UDP support for white rabbit and PTP x
Remote flashing procedure x
Improved boot scripts x
Added Monit x
Reorganized and improved SNMP monitoring x
Centralized dot-config configuration x
Temperature monitoring x
Configurable root password x
WR and system time synchronization x
Fixed PTP to follow offset jumps x
LED signalization improved x
Configurable Aux Output Clock x
Internal libraries reorganized x
Tx/Rx errors fed from PSTATs to ifconfig x
Add with new 2015.06 leap second x
Updated Buildroot 2016.02 x
Updated Linux kernel 3.16.38 x
Fixed SNMP objects not updating in some cases x
WR interface indexes matching the front panel enumeration x
64-bit frame counters x
Verification of firmware before updating x
VLANs configuration in dot-config x
Menuconfig on the switch to modify local dot-config x
New port role to disable PTP x
Further improvement of LED signalization x
Make Syslog more verbose when errors are reported x
wr_mon improvements [1109], [1195], [1277] x
Boot procedure improvements [1363], [1217] x
SFP handling improvements [1278] [1364] [1365] x
dot-config improvements [1055], [1236], [1366], [1388] x
Leap seconds file updated x

For pre- v4.1 features please check previous releases wiki page.


Date Event
21-09-2010 Start of project.
07-08-2012 First release of wr-switch-sw-v3.0 (called V3 as runs on V3 hardware.
20-12-2012 Release 3.1, that fixes issues in v3.0 (now deprecated)
26-07-2013 Release 3.3, first official release for hardware version 3.3
10-07-2013 Release 4.0rc1, release-candidate for 4.0 sw/gw on 3.3 hardware
08-08-2014 Stable v4.0 release
19-08-2014 Hotfix for v4.0 release (v4.0.1)
04-10-2014 Release 4.1, with support for new main board
28-08-2015 Release 4.2 is out
16-12-2016 Release 5.0 is out