A software framework for Linux device drivers aimed at supporting controls and data acquisition hardware.
ZIO supports sub-nanosecond timestamps, block-oriented input and output and transport of meta-data with the data samples. Users can change the buffer type and trigger type associated with a device at run time, and
all of devices, triggers and buffers are easily implemented as add-on modules.

The PF_ZIO implementation, currently in beta status, implements a network interface to the ZIO transport, which allows each I/O channel to generate or receive network frames. Applications see the network of devices and can talk with several of them from the same socket. We support SOCK_STREAM, SOCK_DGRAM and SOCK_RAW.

  • Status: Release

Latest news

ZIO presented at ICALEPCS'2013
Added by Juan David González Cobas on 06 Nov 2013 at 10:15


Federico Vaga and Alessandro Rubini presented ZIO to FOSEDM '13

Added by Federico Vaga on 06 Feb 2013 at 16:23

zio version 1.0

Today, 2013-01-21, we released zio-1.0.

Added by Alessandro Rubini on 21 Jan 2013 at 21:17

zio-beta4 tagged in the repository

we released zio-beta4 and announced it to the list.

Added by Alessandro Rubini on 09 Nov 2012 at 23:56

PF ZIO presented at ELCE '12
Added by Federico Vaga on 06 Nov 2012 at 23:49

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