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18:09 Simple PCIe FMC carrier (SPEC) - Software Feature #1472 (New): kernel crashes upon multiple (five to ten) module reloads.
I'm running the test since this morning, with Greg's script.
It's still running after 1200+ iterations.
older s...


21:57 PPSi Bug #1319 (Resolved): ptpdump
Fixed by commit 23f9268
The tool was dumping all frames, as I was missing a bind(2) call to limit operation to a s...


21:38 OHR Support Support #1269 (Closed): Unable to push to git repository for maroc_csa project
[bah, replying to the email doesn't work, I need to do it in the web interface </rant>]
> It looks like SSH acce...
12:29 OHR Support Support #1269 (Closed): Unable to push to git repository for maroc_csa project
Please show what the "remote" named origin is:
git remote -v
Maybe you are using the read-only link?
OTOH, t...


18:41 Software for White Rabbit PTP Core Bug #1253 (Closed): offensive language
won't fix


10:51 White Rabbit Switch - Software Bug #1087 (Closed): wr_mon shows incorrect link length value
commit 28ea45b5 (jul 22 2015) removed link length as often wrong.


17:52 adc-lib Wiki edit: Interrupts (#1)
17:49 SDB - Self-describing Bus Wiki edit: Interrupts (#1)


08:01 White Rabbit Switch - Software wr-switch-sw-v4.2-rc1-20150717_binaries.tar


12:24 White Rabbit Switch - Software Bug #1034 (Closed): wr_mon: doesn't exit well
fixed in current master. These commits:
3a28108 wr_mon: restore normal color at exit
dab55a8 wr_mon: trivial fi...

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