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14:22 Simple PXIe FMC Carrier (SPEXI) Wiki edit: FAQ (#2)
Q: Is the SPEXI board obsolete and should I not use it?
14:06 White Rabbit Wiki edit: WRUsers (#178)
Added a quoute
13:59 White Rabbit Tutorial at ICALEPCS conference in October


12:05 MasterFIP Wiki edit: Wiki (#25)
Hardware link straight to fmc-worldfip instead of masterfip-hw (that only had a wiki)
12:03 MasterFIP - Gateware Wiki edit: Wiki (#28)
Rename fmc-worldfip to fmc-masterfip. Link to fmc-masterFIP under Project info
11:59 FMC MasterFIP Wiki edit: Wiki (#35)
Removed link to mailiing list (no subscribers, no messages)
11:55 CernFIP Wiki edit: Description (#172)
Added fmc-masterFIP and fmc-nanoFIP project. Status
11:42 fmc-nanofip Wiki edit: Wiki (#7)
Agent. Removed that is part of masterFIP project.
11:39 fmc-nanofip Wiki edit: Wiki (#6)
Added caption to image
11:37 MasterFIP Wiki edit: Wiki (#24)

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