Commit 8a1088a3 authored by Qiang Du's avatar Qiang Du

Add toolchain and submodules for gateware + firmware development

parent f838782e
[submodule "submodules/wr-cores"]
path = submodules/wr-cores
url = git://
branch = cute-wr
[submodule "submodules/wrpc-sw"]
path = submodules/wrpc-sw
url = git://
[submodule "submodules/hdl-make"]
path = submodules/hdl-make
url = git://
cute-wr demo system using siTCP.
hdl-make @ aabe6c84
Subproject commit aabe6c840ed4d8414dd62bb67781e10672184103
wr-cores @ 07a5e898
Subproject commit 07a5e8985794ac278e0939b9ec527a21bc9a8514
wrpc-sw @ 1c061f05
Subproject commit 1c061f05778de9af7044d6fcb91c869cdf311508
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