Commit 8d7f2984 authored by Qiang Du's avatar Qiang Du

Enable .bin file generation.

parent d4fe2cc3
...@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ PROJECT = cute_top_wrc ...@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ PROJECT = cute_top_wrc
include ../../../ include ../../../
.PHONY: all .PHONY: all
all: $(TARGET)_wrc.bit all: $(TARGET)_wrc.bin
$(PROJECT).xise: $(PROJECT).xise:
python2.7 $(TOP)submodules/hdl-make/hdlmake ise-project python2.7 $(TOP)submodules/hdl-make/hdlmake ise-project
...@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@ $(PROJECT).xise: ...@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@ $(PROJECT).xise:
$(TARGET)_wrc.bit: $(FW_DIR)/wrc.elf $(TARGET).bit $(TARGET)_bd.bmm $(TARGET)_wrc.bit: $(FW_DIR)/wrc.elf $(TARGET).bit $(TARGET)_bd.bmm
data2mem -bm $(word 3, $^) -bd $< -bt $(word 2, $^) -o b $@ data2mem -bm $(word 3, $^) -bd $< -bt $(word 2, $^) -o b $@
$(TARGET)_wrc.bin: $(TARGET)_wrc.bit
promgen -u 0x0 $< -p bin -w -b
$(TARGET).bmm: $(GW_DIR)/top/cute_wr/wr_core_demo/cute.bmm $(TARGET).bmm: $(GW_DIR)/top/cute_wr/wr_core_demo/cute.bmm
cp $< $@ cp $< $@
...@@ -22,7 +25,7 @@ $(TARGET)_bd.bmm $(TARGET).bit: $(PROJECT).xise $(TARGET).bmm ...@@ -22,7 +25,7 @@ $(TARGET)_bd.bmm $(TARGET).bit: $(PROJECT).xise $(TARGET).bmm
xfile add $(word 2, $^) \n\ xfile add $(word 2, $^) \n\
process run {Generate Programming File} -force rerun" | xtclsh process run {Generate Programming File} -force rerun" | xtclsh
ISE_CRAP := *.b *.html $(TARGET).bgn $(TARGET).bld $(TARGET).cmd_log *.drc $(TARGET).lso *.ncd $(TARGET).ngc $(TARGET).ngd $(TARGET).ngr $(TARGET).pad $(TARGET).par $(TARGET).pcf $(TARGET).prj $(TARGET).ptwx $(TARGET).stx $(TARGET).syr $(TARGET).twr $(TARGET).twx $(TARGET).gise $(TARGET).unroutes $(TARGET).ut $(TARGET).xpi $(TARGET).xst $(TARGET)_bitgen.xwbt $(TARGET)_guide.ncd $(TARGET) $(TARGET)_map.mrp $(TARGET)_map.ncd $(TARGET)_map.ngm $(TARGET)_map.xrpt $(TARGET)_ngdbuild.xrpt $(TARGET)_pad.csv $(TARGET)_pad.txt $(TARGET)_par.xrpt $(TARGET)_summary.xml $(TARGET)_usage.xml $(TARGET)_xst.xrpt webtalk.log webtalk_pn.xml run.tcl $(PROJECT).gise ISE_CRAP := *.b *.html $(TARGET).bgn $(TARGET).bld $(TARGET).cmd_log *.drc $(TARGET).lso *.ncd $(TARGET).ngc $(TARGET).ngd $(TARGET).ngr $(TARGET).pad $(TARGET).par $(TARGET).pcf $(TARGET).prj $(TARGET).ptwx $(TARGET).stx $(TARGET).syr $(TARGET).twr $(TARGET).twx $(TARGET).gise $(TARGET).unroutes $(TARGET).ut $(TARGET).xpi $(TARGET).xst $(TARGET)_bitgen.xwbt $(TARGET)_guide.ncd $(TARGET) $(TARGET)_map.mrp $(TARGET)_map.ncd $(TARGET)_map.ngm $(TARGET)_map.xrpt $(TARGET)_ngdbuild.xrpt $(TARGET)_pad.csv $(TARGET)_pad.txt $(TARGET)_par.xrpt $(TARGET)_summary.xml $(TARGET)_usage.xml $(TARGET)_xst.xrpt webtalk.log webtalk_pn.xml run.tcl $(PROJECT).gise $(TARGET)_wrc.prm $(TARGET)_wrc.cfi
clean: clean:
rm -f $(PROJECT).xise $(ISE_CRAP) *.bmm rm -f $(PROJECT).xise $(ISE_CRAP) *.bmm
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