Commit 141383cb authored by Theodor-Adrian Stana's avatar Theodor-Adrian Stana

Add blobify script

parent a2ec2372
Make a binary blob (bootloader + application) for direct download to EFM32
flash. The script asks for the binary and the application bitstreams and
produces a blob with the following memory map:
0x0000 bootloader
0x8000 application
NOTE: only supports .bin files for now.
if __name__ == "__main__":
fn1 = raw_input("bootloader (.bin): ")
fn2 = raw_input("application (.bin): ")
fn3 = raw_input("blob output (.bin): ")
f1 = open(fn1,'rb')
f2 = open(fn2,'rb')
f3 = open(fn3,'wb')
a1 = []
a2 = []
# read contents
a1 =
a2 =
# Pad with zeroes up to bootloader start
lt = 0x8000 - (len(a1) % 0x8000)
for i in range(0, lt):
a1 += '\0'
# write output files
print("SUCCESS -- Output written to " + fn3)
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