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......@@ -181,10 +181,18 @@ The ADC registers can be accessed in the proper sysfs directory. For a
card in slot 0 of bus 2 (like shown above), the directory is
The overall device (*adc-100m14b*) does not offer configuration items
besides its own temperature (read-only) because configuration is
specific of the cset and the trigger, or the individual channel.
The overall device (*adc-100m14b*) provides the following attributes:
It is a binary attribute which allows the user to change the runt-time
calibration data (the EEPROM will not be touched). The ``fau-calibration``
tool can be used to read write calibration data.
To be consistent, this binary interface expects **only** little endian
values because this is the endianess used to store calibration data for
this device.
It shows the current temperature
The Channel Set
......@@ -511,6 +519,13 @@ integer.
- Values
- Comments
* - device
- calibration_data
- rw
- --
- Run-time calibration data
* - device
- temperature
- ro
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