Commit ce55fc2f authored by Matthieu Cattin's avatar Matthieu Cattin

test46: Add test to write eeprom, with calibration data taken from sdbfs/calib.

This test is used to fix problem found in batch of 100 boards from Creotech (2014).
It is used by the script tests/
parent a4151f93
#! /bin/sh
# Scan serial number
if [ x$1 = x"" ]; then
echo -n "Please scan CERN serial number bar-code, then press [ENTER]: "
read serial
if [ x$serial = x"" ]; then
echo -n "Serial numer cannot be empty!!"
if [ -e ../serial.txt ]; then
sudo rm -f ../serial.txt
echo $serial >> ../serial.txt
# Load bitstream
sudo ./
# Read eeprom, dump to eeprom_content.out
sudo ./
# Backup eeprom content
cp eeprom_content.out ../eeprom_bkp/eeprom_$serial.bin
# Save calibration data
sudo sdb-read -e 0x200 eeprom_content.out calib > sdbfs/calib
# Re-write eeprom (new ipmi, saved calibration data)
sudo ./
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