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......@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@ To use the script:
\item In the shell, type \verb|start|
\item For each of the LEMO trigger inputs, specify if the signal is to be considered ACTIVE or VETO. Active signals must be asserted to create a valid trigger. VETO signals must be de-asserted to create a valid signal. There is also the option to set an input as DO-NOT-CARE (DNC): these inputs are not taken into account for the purpose of trigger generation but they are still time-stamped if asserted.\\
The DNC option can be useful if the user want to connect signals that are not part of the trigger generation but for which it is required to register the status and the time-stamp whenever a valid trigger is produced.\\
The DNC option can be used for any unconnected input.\\
The VETO option should be used, for instance, for any inputs that is used as a shutter signal (see section~\ref{ch:shutter}).
\item If more than one active input is present, it is possible to configure the \gls{tlu} to generate a trigger if at least $N$ are asserted (as opposed to all of them). The shell will ask for the minimum number of ACTIVE signals that should be asserted, at the same time, to generate a valid trigger.
\item The shell will produce a list of all the configurations that will produce a valid trigger, followed by the two values to be written in the registers.
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