Commit 9eebe296 authored by egousiou's avatar egousiou

git-svn-id: 85dfdc96-de2c-444c-878d-45b388be74a9
parent cd6e955a
I found the code quite clear, even if there are not many comments.
data_engine, data_formatting and circular_buffer
I would suggest a bit cleaner names for the WBs:
stb/ack/.. in the data_engine could be renamed to acam_stb/ acam_ack..
stb/ack/.. in the data_formatting could be renamed to internal_stb/ internal_ack..
classic_stb/ classic_ack/.. in the circular_buffer could be renamed to gnum_classic_stb/ gnum_classic_ack..
pipe_stb/ pipe_ack/.. in the circular_buffer could be renamed to gnum_pipe_stb/ gnum_pipe_ack..
one_hz_gen and acam_timecontrol_interface
synchronization and edge detection of refclk takes place in both units
one_hz_gen lines 153-170; acam_timecontrol_interface lines 240-258
refclk_edge is a pulse (refclk_edge_p)
use of the first DFF s_acam_refclk(3) should be avoided
lines 260: start_trig_edge is a pulses (_p)
use of the first DFF (start_trig_r(2)) should be avoided
lines 120-146 : good!-)
lines 227-241: signals ef1/2, lf1/2 shouldn t be synchronized as well (use one more DFF)?
acam_databus_interface and circular_buffer
The ack signals are pulses (_p)
acam_databus_interface, ack, line 63
circular_buffer, classic_ack, line 123
lines 37, 50: class_clk_i and pipe_clk_i are actually the same clock; maybe they could just be named gnum_clk_i
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