Commit b69e7d0c authored by Tomasz Wlostowski's avatar Tomasz Wlostowski

top/spec: enable FIFO readout following addition of the corresponding generic

parent 7b5a81be
......@@ -823,8 +823,9 @@ begin
cmp_tdc_mezzanine : entity work.fmc_tdc_wrapper
generic map (
g_simulation => g_simulation,
g_with_direct_readout => true,
g_with_direct_readout => false,
g_use_dma_readout => g_use_dma_readout,
g_use_fifo_readout => true,
g_use_fake_timestamps_for_sim => g_use_fake_timestamps_for_sim)
port map (
clk_sys_i => clk_sys_62m5,
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