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......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ Introduction
- Wiki Pages: http://www.ohwr.org/projects/hdl-make/wiki
- Issue Tracker: http://www.ohwr.org/projects/hdl-make/issues
- Source Code: http://www.ohwr.org/projects/hdl-make/repository
......@@ -29,10 +30,24 @@ Contribute
If you are having issues, please let us know.
If you are experiencing any issues, please let us know.
We have a mailing list located at:
- http://www.ohwr.org/mailing_list/show?project_id=hdl-make
If you are seeking for consultancy and training services on advanced ``hdlmake`` use cases, you can get **commercial support from GL Research**, the company on charge of maintaining and developing the tool.
.. figure:: images/gl-research.*
:scale: 100
:align: center
:target: https://gl-research.com
:figclass: align-center
For direct inquiries, you can contact the ``hdlmake`` project manager:
- Javier Garcia Lasheras: ``jgarcia@gl-research.com``
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