Commit 87008ad5 authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold

Remove unused get_include_dirs_list function.

parent ef932147
...@@ -91,31 +91,6 @@ class Module(ModuleContent): ...@@ -91,31 +91,6 @@ class Module(ModuleContent):
logging.debug("Process manifest at: " + os.path.dirname(self.path)) logging.debug("Process manifest at: " + os.path.dirname(self.path))
super(Module, self).process_manifest() super(Module, self).process_manifest()
def get_include_dirs_list(self):
"""Private method that processes the included directory list"""
# Include dirs
include_dirs = []
if "include_dirs" in self.manifest_dict:
if isinstance(self.manifest_dict["include_dirs"],
dir_list = path_mod.compose(
self.path, self.manifest_dict["include_dirs"])
dir_list = [path_mod.compose(x, self.path) for
x in self.manifest_dict["include_dirs"]]
# Analyze included dirs and report if any issue is found
for dir_ in include_dirs:
if path_mod.is_abs_path(dir_):
logging.warning("%s contains absolute path to an include "
"directory: %s", self.path, dir_)
if not os.path.exists(dir_):
logging.warning(self.path +
" has an unexisting include directory: " +
return include_dirs
def parse_manifest(self): def parse_manifest(self):
""" """
Create a dictionary from the module and assign it Create a dictionary from the module and assign it
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