Commit a107202a authored by Holger Just's avatar Holger Just

Fix race-condition in test_utc_time_format

parent 61b9939b
......@@ -96,11 +96,11 @@ class Redmine::I18nTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
def test_utc_time_format
set_language_if_valid 'en'
now =
now =
Setting.date_format = '%d %m %Y'
Setting.time_format = '%H %M'
assert_equal'%d %m %Y %H %M'), format_time(now)
assert_equal'%H %M'), format_time(now, false)
assert_equal now.strftime('%d %m %Y %H %M'), format_time(now.utc)
assert_equal now.strftime('%H %M'), format_time(now.utc, false)
def test_number_to_human_size_for_each_language
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