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Update changelog for v1.1.0

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= ChiliProject changelog
== 2011-02-27 v1.1.0
* Bug #109: Backport fix to display full TOC with present < p r e > tags
* Bug #125: User profile does not keep email preferences
* Bug #133: Add hack for rubygems > 1.5 compatibility
* Bug #171: unit/user_test.rb:138 fails with mysql2 gem
* Bug #178: Multiselect issues on Mac
* Bug #190: Change the default Gantt limit to unlimited
* Bug #64: Forums list shows even if the forum module is not active
* Bug #81: Replace favicon
* Bug #85: Crash when saving a wiki page with no content
* Bug #89: MailHandler is changing the Tracker on issues even when there is no keyword for it
* Bug #96: Wiki: H4 Headings are too small in toc
* Feature #101: Change the Help link to point to the ChiliProject site
* Feature #104: Add email header for the type of message
* Feature #129: Change public strings of Redmine to ChiliProject
* Feature #146: Allow underscores in project identifiers
* Feature #149: Issues - Hide the File upload section
* Feature #150: Skip the "Text Formatting: Help" link when tabbing
* Feature #168: [PATCH] RSS autodiscovery for wiki pages
* Feature #169: [PATCH] hiding form pages from search engines
* Feature #170: [PATCH] Extensible MailHandler
Note: Previous versions referred to Redmine, which ChiliProject forked from in December 2010.
== 2011-01-30 v1.1.1
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