Commit b52d2b22 authored by Eric Davis's avatar Eric Davis

[#467] Fix uninitialized constant Journal::Journaled error

Was due to Journals touching the parent record but the Journal
not having it's STI class correct during the type update.
parent 0c031428
......@@ -35,10 +35,14 @@ class GeneralizeJournals < ActiveRecord::Migration
Journal.all.group_by(&:journaled_id).each_pair do |id, journals|
journals.sort_by(&:created_at).each_with_index do |j, idx|
j.update_attribute(:type, "#{j.journalized_type}Journal")
j.update_attribute(:version, idx + 1)
# Recast the basic Journal into it's STI journalized class so callbacks work (#467)
klass_name = "#{j.journalized_type}Journal"
j = j.becomes(klass_name.constantize)
j.type = klass_name
j.version = idx + 1
# FIXME: Find some way to choose the right activity here
j.update_attribute(:activity_type, j.journalized_type.constantize.activity_provider_options.keys.first)
j.activity_type = j.journalized_type.constantize.activity_provider_options.keys.first
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