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Updates for 1.1.2 release.

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= ChiliProject changelog
== TBD v2.0.0
* From Redmine v1.1.2
* Defect #3132: Bulk editing menu non-functional in Opera browser
* Defect #6090: Most binary files become corrupted when downloading from CVS repository browser when Redmine is running on a Windows server
* Defect #7280: Issues subjects wrap in Gantt
* Defect #7288: Non ASCII filename downloaded from repo is broken on Internet Explorer.
* Defect #7317: Gantt tab gives internal error due to nil avatar icon
* Defect #7497: Aptana Studio .project file added to version 1.1.1-stable
* Defect #7611: Workflow summary shows X icon for workflow with exactly 1 status transition
* Defect #7625: Syntax highlighting unavailable from board new topic or topic edit preview
* Defect #7630: Spent time in commits not recognized
* Defect #7656: MySQL SQL Syntax Error when filtering issues by Assignee's Group
* Defect #7718: Minutes logged in commit message are converted to hours
* Defect #7763: Email notification are sent to watchers even if 'No events' setting is chosen
* Feature #7608: Add "retro" gravatars
* Patch #7598: Extensible MailHandler
== 2011-03-27 v1.2.0
* Bug #209: Don't hardcode user viewable labels (like "Path to .git repository")
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