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Set version to 0.9.0.

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......@@ -4,6 +4,118 @@ Redmine - project management software
Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Jean-Philippe Lang
== v0.9.0
* Unlimited subproject nesting
* Multiple roles per user per project
* User groups
* Inheritence of versions
* OpenID login
* "Watched by me" issue filter
* Project copy
* Project creation by non admin users
* Accept emails from anyone on a private project
* Add email notification on Wiki changes
* Make issue description non-required field
* Custom fields for Versions
* Being able to sort the issue list by custom fields
* Ability to close versions
* User display/editing of custom fields attached to their user profile
* Add "follows" issue relation
* Copy workflows between trackers and roles
* Defaults enabled modules list for project creation
* Weighted version completion percentage on the roadmap
* Autocreate user account when user submits email that creates new issue
* CSS class on overdue issues on the issue list
* Enable tracker update on issue edit form
* Remove issue watchers
* Ability to move threads between project forums
* Changed custom field "Possible values" to a textarea
* Adds projects association on tracker form
* Set session store to cookie store by default
* Set a default wiki page on project creation
* Roadmap for main project should see Roadmaps for sub projects
* Ticket grouping on the issue list
* Hierarchical Project links in the page header
* Allow My Page blocks to be added to from a plugin
* Sort issues by multiple columns
* Filters of saved query are now visible and be adjusted without editing the query
* Saving "sort order" in custom queries
* Url to fetch changesets for a repository
* Managers able to create subprojects
* Issue Totals on My Page Modules
* Convert Enumerations to single table inheritance (STI)
* Allow custom my_page blocks to define drop-down names
* "View Issues" user permission added
* Ask user what to do with child pages when deleting a parent wiki page
* Contextual quick search
* Allow resending of password by email
* Change reply subject to be a link to the reply itself
* Include Logged Time as part of the project's Activity history
* REST API for authentication
* Browse through Git branches
* Setup Object Daddy to replace test fixtures
* Setup shoulda to make it easier to test
* Custom fields and overrides on Enumerations
* Add or remove columns from the issue list
* Ability to add new version from issues screen
* Setting to choose which day calendars start
* Asynchronous email delivery method
* RESTful URLs for (almost) everything
* Include issue status in search results and activity pages
* Add email to admin user search filter
* Proper content type for plain text mails
* Default value of project jump box
* Tree based menus
* Ability to use issue status to update percent done
* Second set of issue "Action Links" at the bottom of an issue page
* Proper exist status code for rdm-mailhandler.rb
* Remove incoming email body via a delimiter
* Fixed: Custom querry 'Export to PDF' ignores field selection
* Fixed: Related e-mail notifications aren't threaded
* Fixed: No warning when the creation of a categories from the issue form fails
* Fixed: Actually block issues from closing when relation 'blocked by' isn't closed
* Fixed: Include both first and last name when sorting by users
* Fixed: Table cell with multiple line text
* Fixed: Project overview page shows disabled trackers
* Fixed: Cross project issue relations and user permissions
* Fixed: My page shows tickets the user doesn't have access to
* Fixed: TOC does not parse wiki page reference links with description
* Fixed: Target version-list on bulk edit form is incorrectly sorted
* Fixed: Cannot modify/delete project named "Documents"
* Fixed: Email address in brackets breaks html
* Fixed: Timelog detail loose issue filter passing to report tab
* Fixed: Inform about custom field's name maximum length
* Fixed: Activity page and Atom feed links contain project id instead of identifier
* Fixed: no Atom key for forums with only 1 forum
* Fixed: When reading RSS feed in MS Outlook, the inline links are broken.
* Fixed: Sometimes new posts don't show up in the topic list of a forum.
* Fixed: The all/active filter selection in the project view does not stick.
* Fixed: Login box has Different width
* Fixed: User removed from project - still getting project update emails
* Fixed: Project with the identifier of 'new' cannot be viewed
* Fixed: Artefacts in search view (Cyrillic)
* Fixed: Allow [#id] as subject to reply by email
* Fixed: Wrong language used when closing an issue via a commit message
* Fixed: email handler drops emails for new issues with no subject
* Fixed: Calendar misspelled under Roles/Permissions
* Fixed: Emails from no-reply redmine's address hell cycle
* Fixed: child_pages macro fails on wiki page history
* Fixed: Pre-filled time tracking date ignores timezone
* Fixed: Links on locked users lead to 404 page
* Fixed: Page changes in issue-list when using context menu
* Fixed: diff parser removes lines starting with multiple dashes
* Fixed: Quoting in forums resets message subject
* Fixed: Editing issue comment removes quote link
* Fixed: ignore browse_repository permission
* Fixed: text formatting breaks on [msg1][msg2]
* Fixed: Spent Time Default Value of 0.0
* Fixed: Wiki pages in search results are referenced by project number, not by project identifier.
* Fixed: When logging in via an autologin cookie the user's last_login_on should be updated
* Fixed: 50k users cause problems in project->settings->members screen
* Fixed: Document timestamp needs to show updated timestamps
* Fixed: Users getting notifications for issues they are no longer allowed to view
== 2009-02-15 v0.8.1
......@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ require 'rexml/document'
module Redmine
module VERSION #:nodoc:
TINY = 7
TINY = 0
# Branch values:
# * official release: nil
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