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      Changed Enumerations to use a Single Table Inheritance · 62e58f26
      Eric Davis authored
      * Added migrations to change Enumerations to an STI relationship
      * Added TimeEntryActivity model (STI)
      * Added DocumentCategory model (STI)
      * Added IssuePriority model (STI)
      * Added Enumeration#get_subclasses to get a list of the subclasses of Enumeration
      * Changed Enumeration to use the STI type field instead of the opt field
      * Changed Enumeration#opt to return the old opt values but with a deprecation warning.
      * Removed Enumeration::OPTIONS
      * Removed the dynamic named_scopes in favor of specific named_scopes.  Kept for
        compatibility reasons.
      * Added Enumeration#default so each subclass can easily find it's default record.
      * Fixed Enumeration#default to use the STI scoping with a fake default scope for finding Enumeration's default.
      * Added a 'all' named scope for getting all records in order by position.
      * Added Deprecation warnings to the old named_scopes in Enumerations.
      * Moved various methods off of Enumeration and onto the concrete classes
      * Changed the EnumerationsController to use types
      * Updated the Enumeration list template
      * Added has_many relationships to the Enumeration STI classes.
      * Fixes for tests.
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