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    pdelay: mark stamps as invalid after use · 223459dd
    Alessandro Rubini authored
    The code is checking the sequence number of pdelay-rep and
    pdelay-rep-fup, but we may miss the reply and get the f-up.
    The result was something like this (first tuple is ok, next is wrong):
       diag-servo-2-wr1: servo:t3 = 1497279009:22584224:0
       diag-servo-2-wr1: servo:t4 = 1497279009:22584574:759
       diag-servo-2-wr1: servo:t5 = 1497279009:23564032:0
       diag-servo-2-wr1: servo:t6 = 1497279009:23564365:547
       diag-servo-2-wr1: ->mdelay = 0:684:306
       diag-servo-2-wr1: servo:t3 = 1497279009:663586672:0
       diag-servo-2-wr1: servo:t4 = 1497279009:22584574:759
       diag-servo-2-wr1: servo:t5 = 1497279009:683142000:0
       diag-servo-2-wr1: servo:t6 = 1497279009:23564365:547
       diag-servo-2-wr1: ->mdelay = -1:-300579732:306
    Here, t4 and t6 are old. The former is the receipt of the request,
    send back to the "slave" in the pdelay-reply payload; the latter is
    the receive time of such frame.
    We now invalidate t4 and t5 when using the tuple. They are the two
    "remote" times, one sent back in the response and the other sent back
    in the response-fup.
    Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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