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    arch-wrs: implement mini-ipc server functionality · 8ab3d5b5
    Aurelio Colosimo authored
    The core of server functionality is in wrs-ipcserver.c, which
    basically consists of a porting of PTPWRd/ptpd_exports.[ch], as they are
    seen in commit 080d54fb of the repository:
    Two notes:
    - this implementation, like the one I'm porting from, does not make use
    of minipc_server_get_fdset, which would make the minipc_server_action
    be called only when necessary (by means of a select); indeed,
    minipc_server_action is called at each cycle in the main loop;
    - the server is created by using "ptpd" as its mnemonic name, for
    compatibility with ptp-noposix.
    Signed-off-by: Aurelio Colosimo's avatarAurelio Colosimo <aurelio@aureliocolosimo.it>
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