Commit 16b4b4e3 authored by Pietro Fezzardi's avatar Pietro Fezzardi Committed by Alessandro Rubini

arch-sim: fields added to struct sim_ppi_arch_data

These are namely Data Sets, runtime options, servo and TimeProperties.
We need them in every instance because we have two ppi (master and slave)
acting like two different machines, so they need different copies of
these variables. We just put the per-instance stuff in the arch_data.
Then we'll change the pointers in the ppg directly in the net operations,
according to our needs.
parent aea3aa29
......@@ -40,10 +40,25 @@ static inline struct sim_ppg_arch_data *SIM_PPG_ARCH(struct pp_globals *ppg)
* instance, like timing informations. Infact in the simulator, even if both
* master and slave are ppi inside the same ppg, they act like every one of
* them had its own clock.
* More stuff can be added here in the future if necessary
* Some more data we need in every instance are Data Sets, runtime options,
* servo and TimeProperties. We need them because, since we have two ppi
* acting like two different machines, we have to use different copies of
* these data for every one of them. So we just put the per-instance data
* here and we will the pointers in ppg according to our needs every time
* we will need to use them.
* Even more stuff can be added if needed
struct sim_ppi_arch_data {
struct pp_sim_time_instance time;
/* servo */
struct pp_servo *servo;
/* Runtime options */
struct pp_runtime_opts *rt_opts;
/* Data sets */
DSDefault *defaultDS;
DSCurrent *currentDS;
DSParent *parentDS;
DSTimeProperties *timePropertiesDS;
static inline struct sim_ppi_arch_data *SIM_PPI_ARCH(struct pp_instance *ppi)
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