Commit 8354c862 authored by Aurelio Colosimo's avatar Aurelio Colosimo

arch-wrs/Makefile: set whiterabbit extension used and set in include path

Signed-off-by: Aurelio Colosimo's avatarAurelio Colosimo <>
parent 1b856d43
......@@ -20,12 +20,13 @@ OBJ-libarch := $A/wrs-startup.o \
# The user can set TIME=, but wrs is default
TIME ?= wrs
PROTO_EXT = whiterabbit
include time-$(TIME)/Makefile
# Unix time operations are always included as a fallback
include time-unix/Makefile
CFLAGS += -Itime-unix
CFLAGS += -Itime-unix -Iproto-ext-whiterabbit
# mini-rpc directory contains minipc library
MINIPC_DIR := $A/mini-rpc
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