Commit d444b632 authored by Davide Ciminaghi's avatar Davide Ciminaghi Committed by Alessandro Rubini

compliance, ignore messages received from same port that sent them

parent c4868336
......@@ -55,15 +55,12 @@ int msg_unpack_header(struct pp_instance *ppi, void *buf, int plen)
return -1;
* If the message is from us, we should discard it.
* The best way to do that is comparing the mac address,
* but it's easier to check the clock identity (we refuse
* any port, not only the same port, as we can't sync with
* ourself even when we'll run in multi-port mode.
* If the message is from the same port that sent it, we should
* discard it (
if (!memcmp(&ppi->received_ptp_header.sourcePortIdentity.clockIdentity,
if (!memcmp(&ppi->received_ptp_header.sourcePortIdentity,
return -1;
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