Commit dd97c99a authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini

bugfix: copy T3 even if incorrect (to overwrite a correct, old, one)

Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <>
parent 55ef8b55
......@@ -100,11 +100,11 @@ int pp_lib_may_issue_request(struct pp_instance *ppi)
pp_timeout_set(ppi, PP_TO_REQUEST);
e = msg_issue_request(ppi); /* FIXME: what about multiple vlans? */
if (e) {
ppi->t3 = ppi->last_snt_time;
if (e == PP_SEND_ERROR) {
pp_diag(ppi, frames, 1, "could not send request\n");
return e;
ppi->t3 = ppi->last_snt_time;
return 0;
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