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    config: removed global variables current_ppg and current_ppi · 899ab83e
    Pietro Fezzardi authored
    New prototype for cfg_handler to remove the global variable *current_ppg.
    The current ppg is now passed as argument to the cfg handler as follows:
    typedef int (*cfg_handler)(int lineno, struct pp_globals *ppg,
    				union pp_cfg_arg *arg);
    New variable added in include/ppsi/pp-instance.h:
    struct pp_globals_cfg {
    	int cfg_items;
    	int cur_ppi_n;
    Now struct pp_globals has a new field:
    struct pp_globals {
    	struct pp_globals_cfg cfg;
    The field cfg_items has been moved from pp_globals
    to pp_globals_cfg. The configuration routine uses the field
    cur_ppi_n inside pp_globals_cfg to store the current ppi being
    configured. So neither the global variable *current_ppi is needed
    The helper inline function CUR_PPI has been defined to make
    accesses to current ppi more readable.
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