Commit ac058007 authored by Maciej Lipinski's avatar Maciej Lipinski

[wrpc testbench] bugfix: the testbench did not detect situation where

no frames are transmitted/received, it only checked correctness of

added timeout to throw an error when no frames is received for an
unacceptable time
parent 38f77982
......@@ -151,6 +151,11 @@ module main;
wire wrc_snk_stall;
wire wrc_snk_err;
wire link_up;
// globa variables for "tiemout" in case the transmitted frames are not received
int rx_sth = 0;
int tx_sth = 0;
int wait_cnt = 0;
int rx_cnt = 0;
/// ////////////////////// WR PTP CORE /////////////////////////////////////
wr_core #(
......@@ -388,12 +393,18 @@ module main;
tx_sizes = {};
tx_sth = 1; // indicate that transmitting frames
$display("Fixed IFG");
send_frames(ep_src, frame_number, 1 /* force Inter-frame gap of 1 us */);
$display("Random IFG");
send_frames(ep_src, frame_number, 0 /* random Inter-frame gap, between 1 and 100us */);
while (rx_cnt<(frame_number+frame_number)) #1us;
tx_sth = 0; //after having received all the frames, indicate that no frames
//are being transmitted, i.e. betweeen tx and rx
$finish; //finish
initial begin /// receive frames from WRPC (looped back or sent by LM32), loopback frames
......@@ -433,11 +444,12 @@ module main;
acc_lbk.write(`ADDR_LBK_MCR, `LBK_MCR_ENA);
wait(link_up == 1'b1);
while(1) begin
rx_sth=0;//indicate that nothing is being received
rx_sth=1; // indicate that you are handling received frame
/// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
/// received frame generated inside LM32
if(pkt.dst == PTP_MAC) begin
......@@ -469,7 +481,7 @@ module main;
else if(pkt.dst == SELF_MAC) begin // simulation-generated tests
self_seqID_rx = 'hFFFFFFFF & (pkt.payload[3] << 24 |pkt.payload[2] << 16 | pkt.payload[1] << 8 | pkt.payload[0]);
$display("--> recv [size=%4d]: simulation-generated frame that is looped back to the simulation sink, seqID: exp=%4d | rx=%4d",pkt.size, self_seqID_reg, self_seqID_rx);
if(self_seqID_reg != self_seqID_rx)
$warning("simulation-generated ERROR: wrong seqID");
self_seqID_reg = self_seqID_rx +1;
......@@ -490,8 +502,25 @@ module main;`ADDR_LBK_FWD_CNT, val64);
$display("fwd_cnt: %d", val64);
total_cnt++; // count received frames that are sent by simulation
/// very simply timout mechanism verify that we receive frames when they are
/// sent within a timeout
/// We count how long frames are not received when they are sent. if this
/// is too long, timeout
initial begin
while(1) begin
if (wait_cnt > 2000) begin // this is too much waiting, error
$warning("ERROR: RX TIMEOUT, no frame was received within expected timeout");
else if(rx_sth==0 & tx_sth == 1) // if transmission ongoing and nothing received, count
wait_cnt=0; //if transmitted and recieved, OK
endmodule // main
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