Commit 8549bcd1 authored by Miguel Jimenez Lopez's avatar Miguel Jimenez Lopez

Create the main Makefile for software sources.

parent cf5bd786
# include for buildsystem's defines
#use absolute path for REPO_PARENT
REPO_PARENT=$(shell /bin/pwd)/..
-include $(REPO_PARENT)/
# export git tree for subdirs
GIT_VERSION ?= $(shell git describe --dirty --long --tags)
# by default use the fmc-bus within the repository
FMC_BUS ?= fmc-bus
# FMC_BUS_ABS has to be absolut path, due to beeing passed to the Kbuild
FMC_BUS_ABS ?= $(abspath $(FMC_BUS) )
export FMC_BUS_ABS
DIRS = $(FMC_BUS_ABS) kernel
.PHONY: all clean modules install modules_install $(DIRS)
all clean modules install modules_install: $(DIRS)
clean: TARGET = clean
modules: TARGET = modules
install: TARGET = install
modules_install: TARGET = modules_install
$(MAKE) -C $@ $(TARGET)
$(FMC_BUS_ABS): fmc-bus-init_repo
# init submodule if missing
@test -d $(FMC_BUS_ABS)/doc || ( echo "Checking out submodule $(FMC_BUS_ABS)"; git submodule update --init $(FMC_BUS_ABS) )
kernel: $(FMC_BUS_ABS)
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