Commit f6086856 authored by Benoit Rat's avatar Benoit Rat

submodules: fix packet TS in spec-sw and update copyright info

parent 460c3d3d
Subproject commit 033ff03d41d896f65424440d5f097adfce49597b
Subproject commit b5f355ed811d3ba1d5c326c4cd7887af8c6ecba9
Subproject commit 25ec5c3d76b5f8a767020de2e9fbe6f4a1745b8c
Subproject commit 96a81d1aefc971362ff9d1db0080bcb8a5fc6f05
Subproject commit aef6f1fba9792f99db3014c2ed62305baaed5b5c
Subproject commit 64cdaa71e3fe42eb3dca99ce098fa8a6b77c28c9
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